VIDEO: BSF jawan takes right-leaning General GD Bakshi to task, calls him ‘Black Britisher’


New Delhi: A Border Security Force (BSF) jawan took Major General (retired) GD Bakshi, who known for his right-wing stand, to task for allegedly describing the allegation of ‘sub-standard’ food as ‘mutiny’ during a TV news debate.

Yeh mutiny nahin balki sainik utpiran ka virodh hai (This is not mutiny, but a protest against the exploitation of armed forces),” he argued in a new video posted on social media website Facebook on Friday.

The jawan is justifying an earlier Facebook post by one of his fellow constable Tej Bahadur Yadav that had triggered a controversy.

Taking strong exception of the use of the term ‘mutiny’, the man in uniform in the latest video in question explained the term was coined by Britishers against the Indian armed forces who dared to challenge their oppression 1987.

Bakshi Saheb, ‘mutiny’ shabd angrezon ki sena aur unki satta ke khilaf sainik virodh ka shabd hai. Itihas gawah hai san 1857 ke sainik vidroh ko angrezon ne mutiny ghoshit karke bharatiya sena ke jawanon ka court martial kiya aur unhen maut ki saza bhi di. Sainik vidroh british hukumat ke angrez afsaron ke dwara bharatiya janata aur bharatiya sena ke daman aur attyachar ki niti ke khilaf tha (Mr Bakshi, the word ‘mutiny’ describes military rebellion in India against the British rule. By declaring the revolt against the suppression mutiny, the Britishers court martialed rebel Indian jawans and also sentenced them to death. The rebellion – which is known as Indian Rebellion of 1857 – was against the suppression of Indians by the Britishers and their rule),” he explained in the video.

He further goes on to add that “aaj na koi videshi bharat par shasan kar raha hai aur na hi bharatiya sainik desh drohi hain jo apni sena men vidroh karenge (today, neither we have foreign rule nor Indian soldiers are anti-national)”.

Describing General Bakshi and his likes as “Black Britishers”, the soldier alleged, “Officers like you are widening the gap between commissioned officers and constables”.

He demanded that a probe be conducted against such officers who treat soldiers like servants. “Janch to aap jaise officers ke khilaf bona chahiye jisne apne sainikon ko sahayak, sevadar, badhai ke naan par apne gharon ka naukar bana rakha hai. Ramu se bad tar halt mar di hai uski. Jis se aap apne sarkari banglow ki sat safai, bachon ko school pahunchana, mem sahib ke kapde dhona, jute polish karna, mutton ko ghumana jaise kamon par unhen lava rakha hai (An investigation should be conducted against officers like you – General Bakshi – who exploit soldiers appointed at lower ranks and use them for cleaning your bunglows, taking your children to school, washing clothes of your wives and cleaning your shoes. You have made our condition worse than Ramu – a name popularly used in Bollywood to refer domestic help).”

He further alleged despite doing these humiliating jobs, if a jawan asks for leave he is not granted the same till other jawans come to relieve him.

General saheb, jawanon ka bhi ek pariwar hota hai, unke sath bhi gharelu samasyaen hoti hain (Mr General, jawans too have their families and issues that need to resolved),” he said warning to introspect before it is too late to handle.

Aaj ka jawan padha likha jawan hai. Aap jaise angrezon ki baton se darne wala nahin hai woh. Aap anargal baten aur ‘mutiny’ shabd ka prayog karke aap sarkar, desh ke nagrikon aur TV channels ko warghala nahin skate…. Abhi bhi waqt hai. Sare sainik adhikariyon ko aatm-chintan karne ka waqt mil raja hai. Kahin aisa na ho ki bahut der ho jaye aur aap ka jo dar hai woh sahi sabit na ho jaye (Today’s jawans are educated. They are not scared of Britishers like you (General Bakshi). You cannot scare people with your baseless arguments and by using the terms like ‘mutiny’. This is the time for introspection of military officers. Beware! it’s not too late and the thing that scares you turns into a reality),” he threatened.

In the end, the man in uniform suggests General Bakshi, who generally wears a serious look, to smile sometimes. “Wearing longe mustache does not make a man brave,” he concluded in the three-minute video that too has gone viral.

Janata ka Reporter does not vouch for authenticity of the video


  1. Any fool can post any video. Fact is that officers are difficult to get, they have to be better than the men they command, they lead from the front and get most casualties. Getting a good constanble or a sepoy is the simplest thing–thousands will turn up for a post. Maybe our ‘hero’ is envious and is letting off steam. Of course, there are imperfections, but they are a miniscule thing; else you would not have got resounding victories from one of the most professional armies–wonder what our ‘hero’ wouls do if he was in the line of enemy fire!

  2. The media seems to be having great fun publushing these things, but it does not augur well for morale when we insult an elder soldier who will not like to reply to any fool who becomes a hero on social media

  3. If Janta ka repoter cannot vouch for the video then it should not post it. Your short sightedness could lead to rebellions amongst troops guarding the nation.
    Please understand armed forces do not function like political outfits where anyone and everyone has an opinion and can air the same.
    Officers of unquestionable integrity and discipline are selected and trained through a lengthy process to lead such troops and there are well laid out grievance redressal mechanisms for soldiers to vent their issues and concerns.
    If media starts airing tunnel visioned views of soldiers then god save this country. There will be no end to complaints which will result in collapse of discipline and command structure which consequently will spell disaster for the nation.

    • Thank you Manoj for your feedback. The video was posted by the wife of another BSF jawan on the latter’s page and we only reported it factually.


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