Unrest in intelligence bureau after unprecedented transfers across states


A huge unrest has gripped the intelligence bureau of India after the government decided to order large-scale transfers of officers across states. The transfer, deemed unprecedented in the history of the Indian intelligence department, has reportedly left the officers seething.

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The officers, around 500 of them, are being relocated as part of the Narendra Modi government’s new transfer policy involving the officers working in the Intelligence Bureau. A report by Times Now said that officers working under three categories were being transferred.

The officers in the first category consisted of those having worked for 20 years at a single location, while the second list included those police officers, who had joined the intelligence wing later and had completed five years. The third list, which is about to be released will have the officers, who have completed 15 years at a single location.

One of the reasons for the unrest among the officers is the questionable rationale behind their new postings. For example, dozens of officers, who worked in Tamil Nadu for over 20 years, are now being transferred to the poll-bound Karnataka, raising questions on their efficiency because of their language handicaps.

Experts say that the knowledge of the local language is key to any intelligence gathering exercise. Deploying Tamil language capable officers to a state, where they will be expected to posses the knowledge of Kannada, will pose severe challenges. The fact that these mass transfers are taking place just before the elections raises more questions about the central government’s decisions.

Understandably, the decision to transfer had come from the top since the senior officials were keen to implement the central government’s new policy, devised after Narendra Modi assumed office in May 2014.

Meanwhile, an unsigned note being fervently shared by IB staff across the state holds the BJP’s dismal performance in Gujarat assembly polls responsible for the mass transfers.

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