When I said about drugs menace in Punjab, they made fun of me: Rahul Gandhi


Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, has hit out at his political rivals on their perceived ‘hypocrisy’ on the issue of raising menace of drugs in Punjab.


Speaking at a rally in Punjab’s Jalandhar, Gandhi said, “People made fun of me when I said 7 out of 10 people in Punjab suffer from drug addiction. Akali leaders said I had insulted the people of Punjab. When I speak the truth, they fun of me. They say there is no drug issue in Punjab. Today they are banning the movie.

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“Hiding the truth will not help. We are committed to ending this menace. We will fight together to bring Punjab back on the track”

Gandhi is in Jalandhar to lead a protest against the menace of drugs in the state.

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He said there was a time people of Punjab flaunted their prosperity.

He said, “Today there’s no employment. There’s only one business that is floursihing in the state. And that’s the business of drugs under the patronage of Akali Dal leaders.”

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