Twitter explodes after Congress leader says ‘many refer to Smriti Irani as second wife of PM Narendra Modi’


Assam Congress leader and former agriculture minister in Tarun Gogoi’s cabinet, Nilamoni Sen Deka’s ‘misogynist’ remarks against the Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani has been widely condemned.

Deka’s comments that ‘many refer to Smriti Irani as second wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ has caused widespread outrage on social media.

Leading the outrage was the BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, who described the remarks shameful and took a dig at Sonia Gandhi for protecting him despite being a woman.

He said, “Shameful statement by a Congress Minister in Assam against Smriti Irani. Is Congress leadership headed by a woman protecting him?”

There are reports that another Congress leader from Assam, Roopjyoti Kurmi, an MLA, also made a similar remark, again at a public meetings on Sunday.

Union Sports Minister and Assam unit BJP chief Sarbananda Sonowal said, “It reflects the polluted and perverted mind of the Congress. We demand immediate expulsion of Deka and Kurmi from Congress and strongest possible exemplary punishment to them for making such statements against a popular PM.”

This development has caused twitter to explode.

Here’s a snapshot of twitter conversation:



  1. This is defiantly wrong, But what to do wherein this in-sighted a Quid pro quo for the minister to tell this. so the Action in terms of punishment as per Madhav is “secret” will be taken by congress

  2. What the congress has done is not in good taste. But what about the heap of abuse by BJP fringe elements with silent support of their top leaders. I’m talking about abuse of Muslims and Catholics ! Did you bastards open your mouth? Women claim equal rights as men so why the Hillsboro?

  3. LOL When Modi says 50 crore ki girlfriend and his stooges abuse on various people and exhort his followers to even dig up women from their graves and rape them. Now the shoe is on the other foot. BJP should learn to take abuse like they love to give it. So sorry to see the lumpenisation of politics by BJP and congress.


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