Smriti Irani accuses opposition of using ‘child’ Rohith Vemula for politics


On Wednesday, the Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani made a desperate plea to the Rajya Sabha’s acting chairman on Rohith Vemula’s death alleging the opposition parties were indulging in politics using the death of a ‘child.’

She said, “Have a discussion right away sir! Who uses a child as a political tool?”

In case Irani has forgotten, it was her ministry’s letters that had described the actions of that very ‘child’ an anti-national and had directed the University of Hyderabad to take actions against Rohith and four other students.

The university had later expelled all five students- a decision that later pushed Rohith to commit suicide.

Irani’s ministry had written four letters to the University of Hyderabad with the subject of three of them being described as ‘anti-national activities in the Hyderabad University premises.’

The subject of these letters also sought to highlight the alleged attack against the ABVP leader.

You can read all four letters below.

IMG_20160119_115140 IMG_20160119_115134 IMG_20160119_115126 IMG_20160119_115121



  1. BJP should just stick to counting condoms. They are hell bent on killing every voice of dissent and every oppressed person striving towards self-determination. Shame on BJP and ManuSmriti Irani.

    • Kill as many Yakub as you want, there will thousand Yakub coming out from every house and will destroy India, this is Ladies and Gentlemen the idea of Free Speech of Commies in India who don’t believe in it in their ruled states for you!!

    • what is free speech as you say is it killing all indian citizens calling them not intellectuals, hindus and saffrons. MR. HARY REPLY ME—- the same student was eating the money of so called indian citizens all time. With their money only this man now was aspiring student, his intolerance among the common citizens of india is it going to bring yacub memon who killed innocent mumbaikars; i.e to kill its own saviours? if you call it is intellectualism , we hate it.we donot need intellectuals we need scientists and who do and help mankind to acheive harmony. not these traitors in the learning institutions with their high quotient and mean need isis and khalifa regime? go and keep ur intellectuals with isis . if u r christian r hindu r some other category they will do justice as you feel


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