Tejaswi Yadav says ‘Modi’s favourite minister’ Giriraj Singh has close links with toppers scam accused Bachcha Yadav


Bihar’s toppers scam has taken a new twist after the state’s depiuty chief minister, Tejaswwi Yadav alleged that the arrested mastermind Bachcha Yadav had close links with the BJP MP Giriraj Singh.

Alleging that Bachcha was close family friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s favourite minister, Tejaswi said, “PM’s favourite minister is seen with toppers scam accused and his father. The minister is family friend of Rai’s. All malpractices in Rai’s college were taking place probably in encouragement of the Union minister. The minister regularly joins college functions to distribute awards to students.”

The deputy chief minister also released a photo of Bachcha Yadav and Giriraj Singh to substantiate his claim.

His claims came after even the JD-U leader alleging that the controversial minister in Modi’s cabinet had links with a corrupt individual, who is being condemned for shaming Bihar.

JD-U’s Nawal Kishore Sharma had said, “True face of BJP stands exposed with relationship of Mr Singh with kingpin of toppers scam coming to light.”

Bachcha was recently arrested by Bihar as prime accused in the infamous toppers scam that came to light soon after this year’s Class 12 exams results were announced.


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