Support to Sri Sri event may have considerably dented brand Arvind Kejriwal


The National Green Tribunal has allowed the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation to go ahead with his ambitious World Culture Festival starting 11 March.

The NGT did so despite expressing serious reservations on how the event was likely to cause damage to biodiversity in the area.

The tribunal also slammed different government agencies for flouting rules in the run up to organising the event.

However, soon after the tribunal’s judgement was made public, criticism and disappointment for the Aam Aadmi Party became the dominant theme of conversation on social media.

Many, who had questioned the Delhi chief minister’s silence on the matter earlier, became vocal and accused him of political convenience.

While others felt that it smacked of sheer opportunism for a leader, who not only promised to revolutionise the way politics is done in India but also had announced his commitment for protecting Yamuna.

Here’s why’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, says that the Sri Sri event may have dented brand Arvind Kejriwal for good.


  1. This is typical middle class vs “the ignoramus” class conflict. If Kejriwal’s brand would have taken a severe beating, why would he take this stand? The truth is that, as you yourself said, Kejriwal will win more votes (of the ignoramus) by his stand.

    The middle class would do better by conversing directly with the ignoramus if the politics of the country is to change. Else, Indian politics is going to be in dire straits for a long, long time, dominated by parties that are all brinjals of the same plate. The only way out of the current mess is that the ignoramus must understand their responsibilities.

  2. Arey miya Rifat pagal ho gaya hai kya???Apne hee maalik ko gali de raha hai. Kejriwal will not give u salary from 526 crore budget. Kejriwal will published full page ad against miya Rifat in tomorrow newspaper.

  3. Absolutely.You missed one point….AAP said they gave permission for bridge only for flood situation.but later the letter which was leaked showed kapil mishra asking for more bridges for people traffic.When questioned ,he lashed out that ‘where were they all these years?’.

  4. People are not stupid.They see through all this gimmickry as they have been at the wrong end of it.Kejriwal cannot escape blame.Kapil mishra is a sample par excellence.

  5. Kejriwal just kissed off a chunk of supporters & huge lot of Jat voters in Punjab a goodbye … particularly on his mute support on army been used for the event

  6. Very true… It has taken a lot of effort from AK to established himself as pro-minority leader. And who can openly speak up against the majority people and their silly believes. But not opposing Sri Sri on such a good opportunity can really make many minority voters alienate from him.


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