Sunil Grover says he’s better actor than Kapil Sharma


Sunil Grover aka Dr Mashoor Gulati from popular Sony TV show has said that he was a better actor than his former co-star Kapil Sharma.

sunil grover better actor

Speaking to Times of India, the actor-comedian said, “When it comes to wit, Kapil is better. But I am a better actor.”

His comments may not go down well with Sharma, who’s had to face a massive revolt of sorts after he allegedly abused and physically assaulted Grover during a flight journey from Australia.

This had prompted Grover to quit the show forcing Sharma to issue a public apology.

Grover had later posted a gut-wrenching letter asking Sharma not to behave like God. Soon, he received support from other actors including Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, both of whom refused to take part in Sony TV’s popular show.

There are reports that Sony is not keen to renew the Rs 107 crore contract with Sharma. Meanwhile, Colors is reportedly in conversation with Grover to launch a rival comedy show against Sharma.

Although, a section of media on Monday reported that Grover was back in the show, the latter’s social media post later appeared to contradict the story.



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