Social media erupts in anger on police crackdown against BHU girls


Banaras Hindu University campus turned into a bloody battle-ground as cops allegedly launched a midnight crackdown against girl students on the campus. These girls were protesting against the shaming of one of their fellow students, who was molested by three bike-borne men.

Photo: Twitter/ANI

The university administration, when informed about the incident, had allegedly shamed the molestation victim. The incident took place just a day before the local MP and India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, visited Varanasi. There were reports of local administration changing the route for Modi’s cavalcade to avoid the embarrassment in view of the protests launched by the BHU students.

The videos of girls being brutally assaulted by male police personnel have gone viral on social media platforms. Social media users were quick to take potshots at the BJP and PM Modi ridiculing their stand on women empowerment.

Hashtag #अबकी_बार_बेटी_पर_वार was a top Twitter trend while other popular trends included #BHU_Molestation and #BHUProtest, where users registered their protests while expressing their disgust.


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