‘Times Now has been caught in its own hypocrisy’ on patriotism


Ashish Agrawal

Kanhaiya brims with sedition and anti nationalism.  So does Arundhati Roy. So does Prashant Bhushan. So does Priya Pillai. And ?? And ?? And??  Well, sedition or thereabouts.  These have all been anti national mammals according to Times Now and Arnab Goswami. In 2011 even Chinese company Huawei was in this elite bracket according to the channel. They were branded ” suspicious and threats to India’s security ” by Arnab Goswami in 2011.

Of course, from the August list above The Brahmins of Times Now in their immense wisdom have downgraded Huawei. It is now apparently very kosher. Kosher enough for them to make the company their lead sponsor…

Apparently if you pay millions of ruppees for sponsorship the Constitution provides for a magic wand to be given to Times Now and they can hail and presto as soon as they touch anybody with it that entity could become the Pope itself.

Times Network recently announced its plan to organise 2nd Digital India Summit scheduled to be held in Delhi on 22 March.

With the theme,  A Digital India. An Empowered India, the event will also accompany an award ceremony.

Going by the press note, the ambitious digital summit aims to bring together ‘celebrated thought leaders and digital evangelists on a common platform, to ideate on important areas and issues.’

The group has joined hands with the Chinese telecom company Huawei as its lead sponsor for not just the event but also the award ceremony.


Who’s Huawei

Times Now in 2011 had launched a concerted campaign against Huawei describing the telecom giant as suspicious and a huge threat to India’s national security.

In a programme broadcast on 29 June 2011 by Times Now, its editor-in-chief had made following scathing remarks about Huawei.

“The series of reports this week and last week on Times Now about the suspicious Chinese company Huawei making a massive entry into the telecom sector despite repeated intelligence warnings and stitching of the deal with the Indian Institute of Science have drawn widespread criticism from security experts and even some political parties.” 

In its report, the channel had claimed to have exposed the then UPA government of letting a ‘suspicious’ Chinese company, whose chief had links with the People’s Liberation Army, enter India.

The then telecommunications minister, Kapil Sibal was forced to issue a public clarification denying all charges by Times Now.

In a hurriedly called news conference, Sibal had said, “A particular channel (Times Now) has said that we are in the process of jeopardising the security of India instead of protecting it. We have great respect for media…But as the prime minister (Manmohan Singh) said that sometimes the media becomes the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge…Huawei has come forward, given its own internal architecture, own detailed design, which is their intellectual property, which they have given to us. So there’s no collaboration. The government of India protects India’s security.”

Renowned activist Kavita Krishnan told jantakareporter.com that the Times Group’s decision to team up with a company, which it once described a threat to India’s security smacked of its hypocrisy.

She said, “This exposes their superficial nature the way in which the channel (Times Now) defines patriotism. In my opinion, the patriotism can not be defined on the basis of whether you are doing business with the Chinese company or not. For me the definition of patriotism should come from who’ s deciding your country’s economic policies.

“But Times Now, which defended British company Essar by attacking Priya Pillai as anti-national is now itself caught out by failing its own standard of patriotism. Its standards are anyway nonsensical and rubbish. Even in its own faulty and false terms, it is now caught out in an obvious hypocrisy, even though I don’t think that doing business with a Chinese company is a bad thing. Times Now said so about Huawei because of a certain government at the centre at that time. Now because the government has changed and it has friendlier relationship with the new government, it seems to have changed its definition.”

So, the question may arise as to how a company, which was targetted by the constant vitriol of the channel and its editor-in-chief in 2011 has suddenly been washed off its previous ‘sins.’

Other questions may also be asked as to how a suspicious company, which once posed threat to national security during the UPA regime has now gained legitimacy to do business with the same channel, which once left it hung, drawn and quartered.

This assumes significance in light of what the channel had once said in its broadcast.

It had said, “Some sources tell Times Now that India can’t upset Chinese government by banning Huawei.”

Question is bound to be asked as to what pressure did Times Network have to enter business dealing with the same company less than five years later.

Or could it be that Huawei is no longer deemed as anti-India by Times Network because it stands to gain from the telecom giant’s financial might? Experts say that the cost of being a lead event and award partner for an event as big as Times Group’s Digital India Summit will run in crores.

Whatever be the reason, it seems Prashan Bhushans, Priya Pillais and Arundhati Roys of the world have found an opportunity to covert their anti-national tags into patriots. They just need to sponsor an event organised by Times Network.

(We contacted the Times Group for its reaction but weren’t successful. We will carry their response as and when we get them)


      • We watch as DECCAN PLATEAU REGION PEOPLE WITH VEHEMENCE HOW MUCH U DEGRADE FOR UR SELF, FOLLOWING PSEUDO DOCTRINES TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, but u supported for afzal guru and yacub memon it is crystal clear the session was organised for that. what is ur answer for that.

        • Abe apne niticentral pe jaa aur updrav macha, updravi. Oh, niticentral to band ho gaya … BJP bhi jaldi ho jayega agar Modiji unko arrest nahi karenge jinhone anti-India slogans lagaye JNU mein ghus kar.

  1. Times Now and Arnab run a campaign against non ABVP JNU students without proof, even show doctered video … keep quiet on the group of people who actually made anti India slogans ….. dont question gvt’s lack of any action against them. Then where there is absolutely no doubt on the seditious speech by MNS Chief Raj Thackerey asking cadre to Burn Autos of Non Marathis who get new permits as well as a while back asks them to physically attack North Indians celebrating Holi leading to water shortage ……. Times Now just mentions them as a regular news ……. no debate on it …… no campaign run and putting pressure on Maharastra Gvt to file FIR and arrest him …… !!!!!!!!!!


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