Shoe thrown at Kejriwal by a man from Dadri, Delhi CM calls Modi ‘coward’


A man from Dadri on Sunday attempted to attack Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal with a shoe, but it missed the target.

The shoe was hurled at Kejriwal in Haryana’s Rohtak district, where the AAP convenor was addressing his party’s ‘Tijori Tod Bhanda Fod’ rally against the note ban announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The man, who according to reports, was sitting on the other side of the fence in the media section, has been identified as Vivek Kumar.


Angry Kejriwal launched a tirade against Modi calling him a coward.

He tweeted, “I had said that Modi ji is a coward. Today, he used his stooges to get shoe hurled at me. Modi ji, we too are capable of doing the same to you, but our moral values don’t allow such things.”


The Delhi chief minister didn’t stop here. He warned Modi that his fight to expose the prime minister both on demonetisation and the latter’s involvement in Sahara/Birla bribery case will continue.

Kejriwal said, “Whether you get a shoe thrown at me or orchestrate CBI raids, I will continue to tell the truth on demonetisation and Sahara/Birla bribery case.”

“आप चाहे जूता फिंकवाओ या CBI रेड कराओ, नोटबंदी घोटाले और सहारा बिरला रिश्वतख़ोरी का सच मैं बताता रहूँगा

Kejriwal’s rivals have tried to attack him with shoe and ink on several occasions in the past.

Last year, his office was raided by the central government controlled CBI prompting him to use harsh words for Modi. The Delhi chief minister calling India’s prime minister ‘coward’ and psychopath’ had become a topic media coverage across the globe.



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