Shame on you KCR, says Digvijay Singh on Telangana govt’s two year gala


Veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday slammed the Telangana government for splashing public money on celebrations of two years in power and called the chief minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, another Nero.

In a series of tweets, Singh said, “KCR celebrating and putting huge ads worth 100s of crores. Another Nero in the celebration mode when poor people are dying. Shame on you KCR!”

The Congress general secretary’s ‘another Nero jibe’ was in relation to his earlier criticism for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who too had come under considerable criticism for spending at least Rs 1,000 crores on publicity drive of his government’s two years in office.

Singh greeted people of Telangana on its second anniversary by thanking the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi for her role in ‘giving statehood’ to the people of the region.

He said, “Greetings to all in Telangana and we thank Sonia Gandhi to give Statehood accepting the long standing demand of the People of Telengana.”

He then went on to launch a tirade against the chief minister for his alleged insensitivity towards the plight of the farmers, who are forced to commit suicides because of their inability to pay bank loans.

Singh said, “In two years we have seen only KCR Family benefiting. Farmers are committing suicides people are dying of heat stroke unemployment growing.”

Telangana has witnessed considerable rise in the deaths of farmers over the last two years. According to National Crime Records Bureau, the state witnessed the suicides of 898 farmers during 2014, which was the second highest number in the country after Maharashtra.

In 2015, the KCR government told the assembly that 430 farmers had committed suicides in the last 15 months.

The state was carved out of Andhra Pradesh by the UPA government in 2014 after KCR led a long campaign on the pretext that the people in the region will experience development once it gets its own administration through separate statehood.



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