Why did Shah Rukh Khan lose his cool at this anchor?


Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan was recently in the UAE to shoot the second series of ad for Dubai Tourism because the authorities were reportedly very impressed with the response of his first campaign.shah rukh khan lose cool

As part of the plan, Shah Rukh was scheduled to shoot many short videos to promote tourism and culture of Dubai to the international audience.

While in Dubai, the actor also agreed to few smaller commitments.

While shooting one such video, the actor felt he had accidentally fallen into a mud pit with his co-actor of the show. Soon they faced a threat from a large chameleon, which appeared determined to attack him and his co-actor.

Soon, it was revealed to him that what appeared to be a large chameleon had in fact the host of the prank show, Rameez Underground, hidden inside. The actor came out and apologised to Shah Rukh for the prank, but it was too late. Shah Rukh lost his temper threatening to make it ‘more funny’ for the host.

He refused to accept his apology. The video has since then gone viral.


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