Former RAW official RSN Singh insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Times Now


Times Now has lately upped the ante while competing with the right-wing channel, Republic TV, in pushing the limit for anti-Muslim coverage. The channel owned by the Times Group has been dedicating a lot of its coverage to issues involving Muslims.

RSN Singh

As part of its latest effort on what many term as anti-Islamic propaganda, the channel hosted a debate on the alleged forced conversions of Hindu girls in Kerala, a state that the BJP is desperately trying to make inroads into for electoral gains.

A video from a recent debate with a former RAW official, RSN Singh, insulting Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has now gone viral on social media platforms causing considerable anger among Muslims.

In the video, Singh, who’s known for his bigoted views and a regular panelist on Times Now on debates concerning Kashmir, Pakistan and anti-Muslim issues, uses derogatory language for the most revered personality in Islam after God.

He then goes on to make insane and factually incorrect comments about the the revered wife of the Prophet (PBUH) accusing her of having murdered Hazrat Ali, one of the caliphates of Islam, and his sons.

Singh is described as an intelligence expert, who has reportedly served in the Indian army and RAW in the past. He’s usually seen shouting loudly and losing his temper while indulging in brawls with fellow panelists- an act not approved by even people who share the same bigoted views on social media.

People on social media have slammed Singh and the channel asking how a reputed brand from the Times Group could go to this extent and allow an individual to insult the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam giving rise to demands of filing a criminal case against him and the channel.

Legal experts that Janta Ka Reporter spoke to are convinced that Singh’s hateful utterances make it a perfect case of criminal act under Section 153 A since his comments promote enmity ‘between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.’

The channel, in the past, has had to eat humble pie for fake coverage after its claims on the existence of a so-called rate card for converting Hindus in Kerala at the behest of the terror group ISIS. The channel and its editor-in-chief, Rahul Shivshankar was widely condemned for using a very old WhatsApp forward to build an anti-Islamic narrative and even ridiculously call it Super Exclusive on Times Now.



  1. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world…most of the people like singh and the times now group dont like it. This is mere out of insecurity that they speak ill of islam.My request to all muslims is to stay calm and let the dogs bark.

  2. I think in today’s world speaking truth has become anti Islam and all those who are angered by his comments please answer a very simple question that is
    Why today there are around 56 Islamic countries,out of which none is a democracy and none offers any rights to those of other religions.
    Why the hell prophet Mohmd thought that he is a good sent man who has the right to dictate his terms by use of force.
    Why Mohmd Bin quasim entered the Indian subcontinent.
    Muslims should first look and see how dark,dirty and rotten their own souls are.They shout on issues of palastine but never admit that their own badshahs used to murder millions of Jews and Hindus in a single day for fun.
    They cry for demolition of one Babri Masjid but still respect Taimur and even name their child’s after him who demolished hundreds of Hindu temples,multiple times.
    Today they complaint about the Americans present in afghanistan but have no logical justification,that why Mohmd Ghauri ruled Afghan.
    They always shout slogans against the 3 crusades but have no objection on the deaths of trillions due to millions of Jihads.
    They had no problem with divinding a 5000 year old country but have objections on division of Palestine and Kashmir.
    Muslims are the largest population on the planet Earth but still on every non Islamic secular country they have the same old victim rant.
    They complaint about being treated differently but always themselves demand different laws for themselves like Sharia law demands in various secular countries.
    Well I can go on and on because it is very difficult to sum up the torture of thousand years in a few paragraphs but I hope people do get to see the reality of Islam.
    A challenge to all Muslims and Islam supporters reply me…

    • Your soul is impure. You belong to Wanar Raaj. Under Muslim rule, India prospered well. The moment the British captured India and exploited the region’s resources, Indians became poor and they got easily divided along the religious lines. Most of the top officials in the Mughal Empire were the Hindus. If the Mughals had to convert the entire Hindu populations, they could have easily done that within a few decades. It wouldnt have taken a lot of effort to even kill Hindus and cleanse the region from them, but they didn’t do that. They ruled the country for over 600 years and still they ensured India remain a Hindu majority country. So shut up and take your perverted ideas to where you belong. Your place is not in India. You should leave India. India is not for hateful Hindus. The time will come when Muslims and Hindus in India will again live in peace. And that time will be the time of Muslims ruling the entire continent.

      • lol. Under Muslim rule, India prospered as Hindus were raped and killed unless they convert. 25% of India was Muslim at one time before partition. Islam is a cult of violence and hatred. And it will continue those ways. They killed the family of their prophet. They have been killing each other. And the Kafirs. Humanity cannot coexist with Islamic principles ever. Look at the people commenting here and you would know what I am talking about.

  3. Before commenting anything on the basic of facts which you have heard from others… you dahould yourself study first the religion yourself… Instead of believing others … Find yourself…. You will find all the answers…. 🙂

  4. I will solve your problems.Take my answer Mr.Anuj Khanna.

    Names Democratic Muslims majority nations where secularism is basis of constitution.

    1.Indonesia (Largest Muslims country in the world)

    2) Turkey


    4) Senegal





    9)Bosnia Hergisovina


    These are few secular Muslim countries.And almost all Muslim countries conduct elections and follow democracy.

    If you have any idea of this world now,take back your questions.


    RELIGION OF THE CREATOR: The creator stays above the universe, controls the entire universe, never comes on earth. He sends down to earth his holy book. He is The Creator of all, has no parents, no wife nor children. He is supreme power never asks for help from his creatures, every thing happens at His wish; he can destroy all his creations. None of his creations can compete in any manner. He commands only his worship. He is the creator of Hell and Heaven. He punishes in hell for those who worship any other created Gods.

    RELIGION OF THE CREATED: The created he she or it are born and live on earth. They and their believers write their own holy books. They have parents, wives, reproduce children. Their birthdays are celebrated. They are not supreme power they ask for help from others who are also created. They fight wars to destroy their competitors. They don’t bother if other gods are also worshiped. They cannot protect their worshipers from other Gods.They can not punish anyone in hell. If there are more than one God will they not fight with each other for supremacy?

  6. Times group has become so opportunist? taking advantage of the current situation of anti Muslim propaganda…tomorrow’s desolated India is hidden in the media’s conduct of today! Media’s greediness is killing to harmony of our nation!!

  7. Today I have emailed my complaint to DGP/UP and sought lawful action for it is offense under Section 295A in The Indian Penal Code
    272 [295A. Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage reli­gious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or reli­gious beliefs.—Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of 273 [citizens of India], 274 [by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise], insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 4[three years], or with fine, or with both.] Non bail able and arrest without warrant and it is not compoundable


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