Renuka Chowdhary’s bombshell on casting couch: It happens everywhere, even Parliament is not immune


Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary has dropped a bombshell stating that even the parliament was not immune to the phenomenon of casting couch. She said that it was time for India to stand up and say ‘Me Too.’

Renuka Chowdhary

“It is not just in the film industry. It happens everywhere & it is the bitter truth. Don’t imagine that Parliament is immune or other work places are immune to it. It is time that India stood up & said ‘Me Too,’ the former Congress MP and union minister was quoted by ANI.

Chowdhary was responding to the comments made by noted choreographer Saroj Khan, who had said that it was wrong to single out the Bollywood since girls were being exploited even by governments.

Speaking to media, Khan had said, “This is nothing new, there’s always someone who wants to take advantage of girls. The governments do that. The people in governments do that. Why are you targeting the film industry? At least, it gives you work and doesn’t abandon you after raping the girls.”

She went on to add, “Don’t say that. Let girl decide what she wants to do. If she doesn’t want to fall in trap, she wouldn’t. Why would she sell her body when she has the talent.”

Khan’s comments evoked angry reactions on social media forcing her to issue an apology.

Casting couch is a phenomenon prevalent in the Indian film industry, where aspiring artists are sexually exploited in exchange of roles in movies. Not so long ago, a Telugu film actorhad removed her clothes in public to protest against casting couch in the south Indian film industry.


  1. Saroj Khan and Renuka Chaudhary both are correct. one major change is there that females started lodging complaints. Most grave thing is that even today ladies are not getting jobs and compelled to sell their bodies for bread and butter.


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