Remarkable display of humanity: Muslims opened doors of mosques to provide shelter to Hindu devotees during Kumbh


At a time when India’s multiculturalism is facing unprecedented danger by politicians with vested interests, some mosques in Madhya Pradesh have displayed just why India has always been a land of ‘vividhtaaon mein ekta ka desh (the country of unity in diversity.)’


Madhya Pradesh has been hosting the Singhastha Kumbh fair, which attracted millions of devotees from around the country.

Unfortunately, the month-long religious gathering also faced its share of hiccups as rain, hailstorms and high velocity winds disrupted activities even killing many devotees.

The nature’s untimely intervention also left hundreds of thousands of people scurrying for shelter and food.


Amidst their moment of utter desperation, the Hindu devotees found support from local Muslims, who opened the doors of their mosques to provide shelter and food to fellow Indians.

As reported by Better India, in a remarkable gesture of communal harmony, some mosques threw their doors open to Hindu pilgrims, inviting them in to rest and take shelter from the stormy weather.

All India Muslim Tehwar Committee chief Dr Ausaf Shahmiri Khurram asked members of the Muslim community to open their doors to Hindu devotees.

At the nearby Shipra ghats too, some young Muslim boys stationed themselves to prevent pilgrims taking holy baths from slipping into the water. Their initiatives have saved many devotees from drowning.


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