What really happened in Bengal and how it was designed to cause riots


A 17 year old boy studying in Class 11th in Baduria, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal posts a highly objectionable picture of Prophet Muhammad on Facebook.

I have seen the pic. I have it.

To call it objectionable is an understatement.

It is not only perverse, in bad taste. it is designed to provoke. I can’t post it.

Which brings us to the point that how a 11th class student could create such a Photoshop image on his own?

Then, when the news spread and Muslims, mostly poor in this very backward area, came out on the streets, the administration acted quickly and arrested the boy.

As if on cue, BJP leaders and and those of Hindu Parishad (another RSS outfit) immediately reached the Governor’s house.

Kesari Nath Tripathi, the BJP Bengal Governor, hails from Allahabad. I know him personally. He is an old Sanghi mean horse, communal and shrewd, capable both of giving literary speeches and getting abusive.

Kesari calls the Bengal CM and ‘orders’ her to release the boy! He also ‘threatens’ Mamata Bannerjee to impose President Rule.

Such an extreme threat for a release that would have surely generated riots and killing?

Mamata rightly accuses Kesari of acting like a ‘BJP block President’.

After demonetisation and UP election results, power has gone to BJP’s head.

Yesterday (Monday), in Lucknow, the BJP Yogi Adityanath government, arrested SR Darapuri, a retired, Dalit IPS officer, just for organising a press conference. Several other Dalit activists were also arrested.

All this was never part of UP’s political culture. Students were never arrested and kept in jail for days without bail, for showing black flags to CMs.

(Amaresh Mishra is an award-winning author. Views expressed here are his own and Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t endorse them. The content above first appeared on the author’s Facebook page.)


  1. Kaba and Mecca has been called a Shiva linga by many and many photoshop pictures exist on net. The writer hypocritically says it is objectionable while silent on Hindu Gods being abused daily in his peers and those abusers walking free without jail. How many Hindus rioted due to it? Not a single 1? Why were Malda riots done? Why is he not demanding arrest of Bhushan, Karunanidhi, Owaisi etc? This is sheer hypocrisy.

  2. What Amreshjee has depicted is a blatant lie.He does not know the situation there and is mischievously blaming BJP and the Governor.He has knowingly erased the 36 hours of riots against hapless Hindus by Muslim jehadists.

  3. Relentlessly biased and juvenile article which in tune with jihadi didi. Never criticised her in the whole article for its incompetence and late actions to curb the deaths and damages. Moreover, the boy should not be arrested but should be given police protection

  4. We know very well that unless there is riot BJP will not win. Bjp always creates situations where there is a rift between peaceful Hindoo and Muslim community. A few months back a Hindoo was arrested throwing meat inside a Hindoo temple thanks to the presence of video camera outside the temple in an area of Kolkata. Similarly news came that a Hindoo was arrested for breaking an idol a few days back. What are thse? Who does them. As for Hindoos being the victims Muslims are 14 -15 % and Hindoos are 85% who in the right mind would say a minoritiety community is threating a majority community. Hindoos being threatened is one of the greatest lies invented and fed to you by the BJP and RSS.

  5. Looks like the writer sat beside the Governor and heard him threatening Mamta Banerjee asking to release the boy. Must have played danda guli with Tripathi ji.


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