Politics of hate will convert today’s children into tomorrow’s murderers: Ravish Kumar


Thousands of people took to streets across India and abroad on Wednesday to protest against the frequent lynchings often by right-wing supporters.

ravish kumar

Among the places that witnessed these protests were Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bihar, Kochi, Chennai, Karachi in Pakistan, London and Canada.

In Delhi, thousands of people from the civil society gathered at Jantar Mantar. Carrying placards that said ‘Not in My Name,’ the protesters expressed their anguish over the lynchings of innocent Muslims and Dalits, the latest among them being the gruesome murder of Haryana’s Md Junaid, who was lynched before before being thrown out of train last week.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, NDTV’s Ravish Kumar said that the politics of hatred was slowly turning innocent children into tomorrow’s murderers.

He said, “Not just cow, an experiment is now being conducted to use any excuses to kill innocents and cause the atmosphere of terror in the society. These people don’t have direct connection with any political parties, but they from the same WhatsApp university, where fake rumours originate from.

“There’s a sustained effort to create an atmosphere of poison against a certain society and religion. Now what’s the danger here? The immediate danger is that, say when a child is playing a cricket match in school. Obviously there will be friendly scuffle among friends. And that child must have the spirit to fight. But one day when such friendly fight will occur, they will stop identify the child as their friend. Instead, they will identify him as a Muslim. And they will kill him.”

Ravish said that he wanted to warn the society that these political ideologies were hell bent on converting their otherwise innocent children into murderers.

Watch his full interview here;



  1. I am an atheist. I am against any religion. In fact i think all the religion should be abolished. There should not be any religious holidays. But inspite of my personal view i have few question for the great pseudo liberal Ravish Kumar.First Ravish should clarify his stand on his brother case. Second what his stand on the lynching of the police officer in Srinagar. Third what is his stand on the displacement of Kashmiri Pandit from Kashmir. Fourth what is his stand on the lynching of Hindu pilgrim in Godhara Railway station.Fifth what is his stand on triple talaq. Sixth what is his stand on the fatwa for the assamese girl who sang Hindu devotional song.

  2. Mr ravish is doing work of pouring ghee in fire.he shows his hate against other vichardhara.for which he claims to b tolerant and other in….nt .his body language during speaking is apparent ## baklol bihari


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