Rahul Gandhi’s Terminator moment, says ‘I’ll be back’ to BJP ‘troll army’


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday announced that he was leaving India for ‘a few days’ as he will be accompanying his mother and the UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, for an annual medical check-up.

Rahul Gandhi

He, however, took a dig at the BJP social media ‘troll army’ saying that they mustn’t ‘get too worked up’ in his absence. He wrote, “Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia ji to her annual medical check up. To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don’t get too worked up…I’ll be back soon!”



Rahul had come for criticism last year when he left for Italy to be with his grandmother just days after he had attended the farmers’ unrest in Madhya Pradesh. Many had slammed the Congress President for being a part-time politician. However, since then, he added the much-needed aggression in his working style and led from the front his party’s campaign in the Gujarat assembly elections in December last year.

Although his party couldn’t wrest power from the BJP, but it managed to added nearly 20 seats to its 2012 tally. He was also instrumental in leading the Congress party’s campaign in Karnataka, where his party failed to repeat its 2013 performance. But, it formed a post-poll alliance with the JDS to prevent the BJP from forming the government.

The Congress-JDS government took oath of office last week, but there were still differences over the allocations of portfolios. Sources close to Rahul say that he will take a call on the distribution of ministries after his return from abroad. “The meeting is most likely to be held on June 4-5,” PTI quoted a source as saying.

Yesterday, JD(S) leader and Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy admitted that there were some “issues” over the allocation of portfolios with the coalition partner.


  1. Why go abroad for a medical check up, when AIIMS and host of other best hospitals are there in India or your party in Govt could not build a hospital good enough. What about AAM ADAMI?

  2. Yes, Rahul Gandhi is a terminator for the disintegration of the Nation. He is a destructive agent and trying hard to put obstacles in the path of progress of the Nation. If he is truly an Indian he would have given support to the projects of the Government. Claiming that NDA is implementing the Projects of UPA has no relevance in helping the steps taken by the Government. He is heading the divisive forces but ultimately he will get destroyed with the elements of the destructive force.

  3. No idea what job he does to pay for these foreign trips.We Indians are to be blamed that he is able to crack silly jokes and media laps them and treat him like a savior..of our nation..it happens only in India and Annual checkups of his mom’s are Annual?


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