Rahul Gandhi praises BJP MLA for stunning confession on EVM tampering in viral video


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has praised BJP MLA from Haryana, Bakhshish Singh Virk, after a video of his confession on EVM tampering went viral.

Sharing the viral video, Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “The most honest man in the BJP.”

In the viral video, Virk had made extraordinary claims on the EVM manipulation saying that regardless of whichever button a voter pressed on the EVM, the vote will be cast in favour of the BJP.

Virk, the BJP MLA from Haryana’s Assandh assembly constituency, is also heard saying, “You will have to pay for a five-second mistake for the next five years. We will come to know where a person has voted. You should not have any wrong perceptions about it. Many people do not tell deliberately to whom they voted, but if you ask us who you voted for, we shall tell you that too, because Modi ji’s eyes are very sharp. Even if you press any of the buttons, all the votes will go to the ‘lotus’ (BJP’s symbol) as we have fixed a purza (part) in the machines (EVMS).” (Watch the video below)

The BJP MLA has now termed the video fake accusing his political rivals of having resorted to tampering to defame him. His comments evoked angry reactions from his political rivals. CPIM’s Md Salim wrote, “In the video, the BJP candidate & MLA Bakshish Singh Virk says that no matter which button is pressed on the EVM, the vote would go to the BJP. He even says,“We will come to know who has voted for whom, there should be no misconception about this”.”

Haryana’s Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Agarwal had said that a show-cause notice had been issued to the Virk, who reportedly replied saying that ‘video was edited.’


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