Rahul Gandhi launches veiled attack against Shiv Sena as citizens call for civil disobedience against Citizenship Amendment Bill spread across India


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has launched a veiled attack against ally Shiv Sena for supporting the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill. Without naming the Shiv Sena, Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “The CAB is an attack on the Indian constitution. Anyone who supports it is attacking and attempting to destroy the foundation of our nation.”

Rahul Gandhi

The Shiv Sena is an ally of the Congress in Maharashtra after the two parties recently came together to form a government in the state.

The Congress also issued a three-line whip to its MPs to remain present in the parliament when the Bill is tabled in the Rajya Sabha for voting. The controversial Bill, which proposes to give automatic citizenship to all non-Muslim infiltrators living in India, was passed in the Lok Sabha, where the BJP is in majority. The Shiv Sena had voted in favour of the Bill.

Meanwhile, the Janata Dal-United has imploded in Bihar after two of its prominent leaders spoke against the Bill. First, it was Prashant Kishor, who took to Twitter to express his disappointment against his party’s decision to support the CAB. He wrote, “Disappointed to see JDU supporting #CAB that discriminates right of citizenship on the basis of religion. It’s incongruous with the party’s constitution that carries the word secular thrice on the very first page and the leadership that is supposedly guided by Gandhian ideals.”

Another JDU leader Pavan K Varma tweeted, “I urge Shri Nitish Kumar to reconsider support to the #CAB in the Rajya Sabha. The Bill is unconstitutional, discriminatory, and against the unity and harmony of the country, apart from being against the secular principles of the JDU. Gandhiji would have strongly disapproved it.”

Elsewhere protests against the CAB have intensified across India with many threatening to resort to civil disobedience against the central government. Civil rights activist Harsh Mandar wrote, “If CAB is passed, this is my civil disobedience: I will officially register Muslim. I will then refuse to submit any documents to NRC. I will finally demand the same punishment as any undocumented Muslim- detention centre & withdrawn citizenship. Join this civil disobedience.”

Senior journalist Dilip Mandal tweeted, “I often suspect that these monkey’s instructors from Gujarat are making us jump from one branch of the tree to the other. Meanwhile, they sell some government-owned companies, sometimes they issue reservation to upper castes or bypass quota through a lateral entry or sometimes impose roster.”

The Bill provides automatic citizenship to non-Muslim infiltrators living in the country. These religious groups are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis. The Union Cabinet had cleared Bill last week.

The passage of the Bill will decide India’s future as a secular country since this will be the first time that the country will legally discriminate against Muslims because of their faith.

Home Minister Amit Shah had minced no words while campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls in West Bengal that his government will provide laws to grant Indian citizenship to all non-Muslim refugees living in India.


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