Prakash Raj concedes, says ‘lesson learnt’ on Times Now conclave against ‘manipulative, smart, well prepared Dr Subramanian Swamy’


Actor Prakash Raj has been a busy man during the ongoing campaign in Karnataka for the 12 May assembly polls. He’s been travelling across the state and asking voters to defeat the BJP with his #JustAsking campaign.

Prakash Raj
Photo from Times Now conclave video

On Friday, the actor was a guest on Times Now’s conclave in Bengaluru. Also on the panel was BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy. The session in the conclave witnessed plenty of heated exchanges between the two.

On one occasion, Prakash angrily told a member of the audience, believed to be a BJP supporter, that the saffron party will not be able to secure even 56 seats. This was in reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claims that his chest size was 56 inch.

He said, “Come and talk to me after elections if your party can manage to get even 56 seats.” He also lost his cool when Swamy kept referring him as villain, while clarifying that he was an actor, who played the character of a villain.

The actor has been razor sharp with his wit while attacking the politics of hate and bigotry in India, particularly since his friend and known journalist Gauri Lankesh was gunned down to death in Bengaluru in September last year. He had clarified in the past that he was not anti-Hindu but ‘Anti-Modi’ and ‘Anti-Amit Shah.’

He had said, “And they say I am anti-Hindu. No, I am anti-Modi, I am anti-Hegde (Anantkumar), I am anti-Amit Shah and , according to me they are not Hindus. Mr Anantkumar Hegde, who says he wants to wipe out a ‘ism,’ a religion from the face of this earth, cannot be a Hindu ladies and gentlemen.”

However, there were several moments, when Raj lacked his famous wit and sharp attack. For example, when Swamy controversially said that the People’s Representation Act should be amended to bar Muslims from their voting rights if they did not accept their Hindu ancestry, Raj failed to come back with his usual powerful punch.

On Saturday, the famous actor took to Twitter to concede that he had learnt his lessons. He wrote, “LESSON LEARNT conclave…Yes ..Yes..Yes…I lost my way in putting forth my concerns against a very prepared..Dr. Subramanian Swamy ..I’m growing ..I will overcome.. such setbacks chisel me.. my resolve to fight for inclusive india got stronger..”

Raj had recently stunned everyone by alleging that Bollywood producers had stopped offering him roles ever since he started criticising Modi.

Karnataka goes to polls on 12 May, while the counting will take place on 15 May.


  1. Prakash ji you know that swami is bhagora
    At the time of emergency he left for USA and mr vajpayee was in prison at that time.
    Iska Roti Muslim’s se hi chalti hai

    • It’s shocking that some people who survived just by sucking hindu Lund now talking against them, actually muzziies are always beimaan.

  2. Dear all
    Press and hand full of anti India and anti Hindu plays havoc role.
    Prakash raj couldn’t be faith to his own wife and family how he can be faith to country same with kamal . Here they are not having any right to say sjv modijee. If you utter a word against this noble man means you are against to our country. He is elected leader. Give more respect. Means you are respecting our Indian soil.
    Can you insult your mother. Can you insult your father no and not at all.
    Jai Hind

    • It’s Narendra Modi who is not faithful to his wife. Then with your utter logic, how can Modi be faith to country???? Bogus doctor like Modi.
      All PMs till were also elected, then you and your have to learn to respected them, but rather he used to spread hatred against them with his poisonous toungue.
      By the way he is neither our father, nor nations.

    • Let me tell you Mr Whoever the hell you are. Modi is our prime minister and insulting him doesn’t mean insulting the country. As a citizen of India everyone has rights to speach. I can’t have faith for someone who run the country without equality.

    • what about modi on wife issue, leave wife issue, what about modi leaving mother, father, brothers & sisters, not only modi even yogi & mind you not only modi & yogi, the RSS privides platforms to all vagabonds & brainwash them to become worst than animals to spread riots, kill, lut, rape innocents unarmed civilians, they dont have courage to fight an armed opponent themself, RSS, VHP are giving platforms to boycott parents, wife & family, to reach its ugly goals & targets, which are totally inhumane,

    • Have we forgotten some one else who left his wife and is not even bothered to give her maintenance.What about that poor woman. forget About Prakash Raj.

  3. Mr. PrakahRaj is asking Hindus what are you going to do about 47000 Temples ? Are you going to rebuild ? Seems to be his refrain .

    Mr. PrakashRaj don’t rub salt into Hindu wounds . You guys ( the party that you support now ) has done one partition of my country along with enormous brutalities . We as Hindus have given Muslims their fair share of land ( not withstanding the 1000 years of brutalities & enormous socio-economic-Cultural destruction ). But thanks to Gandhi & Nehru , almost half of Muslim population stayed back Unconditionally . We are not suggesting that we will snath their fundamental rights. What we are demanding is Our Cultural freedom snatched away from us under these thousand years of Islamic brutalities. We want an end to the Cultural bullying of Muslims being encouraged by Congress – Communist Cronies , in the form of glorifying Dastardly Muslim tyrants & denigrating Hindu Freedom fighters.

    Why not we regain & rebuild some of the Important Temples demolished under muslim rule.

    Why should it hurt the Muslims ?

    Muslims can Shift their Mosques to some other place in Such special cases. Such an honest Mosque built will also bring enormous Hindu-Muslim Unity. After all it was their heritage also. The world recognises India for it’s Pre-Islamic achievements. Not for the Islamic Vandalism.

    • Mr Ramakrishna India was not your property that you are saying you have given equal share. And it was not given as a bheek but many lives were taken to pass the act from both the sides. And more mosques were demolished than Temple and Muslim don’t seek rights from others they are fully citizens of India and any rodeside dog cannot take their right. And not muslim dominating Hindus but some not all hindu are real terrorist on the face of Earth they have demolished babri masjid they have done many bomb blast from macca masjid to ajmer. There culprits are hindutvu dogs which are getting clean cheat by NIA and court like in Telengana a Muslim family was burned alive by them some Muslim only aggitate to oppose this things and they are declared as a terrorist. India was declared as a democratic nation not by any ones kindness but because Muslims fought for freedom of India and some Hindus of RSS and bjp was always against them. So kindly don’t listen to buffalo of bjp, RSS , bangrang daal. And at last one one born as a terrorist they become by some reasons and here the reason is you and you party (bjp). You have created terrorist in Kashmir and across the country you have turned even sikh to terrorist

  4. Are you so stupid as to believe Prakash Raj’s Lies about losing films in Bollywood due to his anti Modi stand..Pity your dumb reporter didnt take the time to look up wikipedia.If he had he would have discovered that Prakash Raj stopped getting Hindi films after 2013 and the reason for that was his dispute with Salman Khans brother Arbaaz Khan over dubbing for Dabbang 2….Modi was not in the picture then..stop promoting fake news

  5. Times is a known prestitute of BJP.When any one accepts their invitation, they must be prepared for every thing including trolling by the host himself

  6. You nuts. Earlier we loved to watch your movies. But now we realized you are anti-national and have big plans to destroy Bharat desh.

    Why dont you go to Italy and live there ?. You can eat all kinds of flesh and also loot everyone if you wish but there is no need as your madam has 2.5 lakh crores . you can enjoy as you like.

    Rotten mind. Get lost . Miserable creature.

  7. Sir, you don’t blame media. Our mindset to be change. You have to digest nagative and positive. Don’t take serious in politics.

  8. Mr. Prakash, your anger is very personal and the famous hatred or opposition against the three is also very personal and is not on any principles. Tell me in what way Congress is better than BJP or vice versa. Absolutely nothing. Just because your friend has been brutally killed , you developed hatred against BJP. So you are interested in your friend’s death only. Not about the big canvas if the nation. So narrow . Be broad and be objective.

  9. Give money to prakash Raj, he will talk anything. Md Nallapad had given money to him and he started praising him like godsent child.

  10. Like NDTV is openly pro congress, so much so the only news on NDTV nowadays is rape,rape,rape of minorities. Brahmin community which is less than 10% is it not minority?

  11. Better Congress people go to ndtv or India today so that they will be comfortable. The above was a live discussion and he failed before mr.swamy. it is not like going to your favorite channel and talking bullshit. Let him manage his shooting schedule first. He is popular for coming late and his ego. Why only modi he is targeting let him target Muslim leaders also. He is afraid they will issue fatwa. And person who changed his name from Rai to Raj for chances in films should shut his mouth. Also let him question kannafa film industry which doesn’t allow other language films to be dubbed in kannada. Idiot and selfish to the core bloody fellow.

  12. Prakash Raj is not a match for so well educated experienced politician and also with a legal brain.raj should now realises his limits and he is never going to grow to debate with Swamy.
    And this conclave does not portray any strong view.

  13. He is kicked out of Bollywood because they don’t appreciate stereotypes, also, there is enormous talent in India. But Prakash is a very good actor, no second thoughts about it. He has no spine to criticize the Congress government of Karnataka for Gauri’s murder. The Congress is an abject failure and are trying to just fix an ordinary Hindu activist with Gauri’s murder. You still have many lessons to be learnt Prakash. When you have learnt about all other things then start researching about RSS, you will be washed off all your sins.

  14. Hitlers policies and strategies are now being used by bjp. Hitler used P.R effectively popularize his image among germans. So is current leadership of bjp. Hitler proposed that if one want to rule a country then first disarm its people of their power. So demonatisation was for disarming that power. Hitler used german nationalism to win elections. So bjp. Hitler used his party symbol everyehere. So is…. He wanted to eliminate jews. You know well….

  15. Prakash Raj should stick to acting, he is one of our Rip Van Winkle, suddenly waken up to criticize and question.

  16. I have seen the conclave completely. Prakash Raj was never ever able to explain his points convincingly. He always got fumbled when countered . If he targetting modi shah on the basis of gauri kamlesh murder he first question siddharamaya govt to catch the murders of her as his favorite congress party is rulling in the state . Then
    he should prove modi shah are responsible for it. And if he feels ge 8s true secular he should also fight for catching murders of 24 BJP workers .And if his beloved chief minister is unable to prosecute these 25 murderers he should ask siddharamaya to resign.Then and then his secular credentials will be proved and will have right to ask questions to modi and shah

  17. Mr.Yogi,you suppose to be a God’s man but you spreading full of hatred and polorising the do you manage your continuous ,now am thinking wether you really represent any god.sorry I have been open to you

  18. You can insult Kannadigas as Congress chamchas, but Modi will be taught a lesson. And Yeddy is no match for Siddharamaiah. This is Modi’s Waterloo.

  19. It is PR who is manipulative and not Swamy. Swamy is talking with facts. If PR was so interested in finding the truth of GL murder and had proof of the same should have approached police, court or his friendly govt in the state to have a proper investigation. Just by saying that she was killed by BJP and RSS isanipulative and shooting the dark. This fellow and another idiot kamalahasan think that they r very intelligent just by siding with the communist rascals who r most dangerous to the secular fabric of the country. Commies r the murderers if many of their own comrades. This fellow has awakened suddenly from his slumber and talking absolute nonsense.

  20. Prakash Raj is acting as villain in the film, in real life also he is the dirty villain. He is barking leftist and scamgress dog. He is fed dog nurtured by scamgress and cum-nisht parties.

  21. Prakash Raj….do you have the guts to condemn the Muslims leaders like Owasi…..Azam Khan ….Zameer Ahmed….you are a big maniac….mad fellow……l appeal all our Indian brothers to boycott his films …Anyways ..who the hell will give u roles now…..You are a big blot on us….


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