Gurmehar Kaur’s mind is not polluted Mr minister, you must focus on mindset that issues rape threats to martyr’s daughter


India’s junior home minister, Kiren Rijiju, on Monday made utterly insane statement implying that by opposing ABVP, the student wing of the RSS, the young daughter of Kargil martyr, Capt Mandeep Singh, had her mind polluted.

Rijiju’s tweet came amidst reports of rape threats to Gurmehar allegedly by BJP supporters after her Facebook campaign against the ABVP came in.
polluted mr minister
photo- ANI

Rijiju, instead of commenting on the polluted minds of those BJP supporters, who issued rape threats to the martyr’s daughter, questioned people who, according to him, were polluting her mind.

In this first episode of Speak Up India, Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid says that it’s not Gurmehar’s mind that’s getting polluted but the BJP ministers of Rijiju’s ilk must address the mindset of his supporters who frequently issues rape threats to those critical of the central government’s policies.


  1. Absolutely! Gurmehar is the face of liberty and of every educated Indian, who stands for liberty and Individual Rights. What we need to question is , the mindset of the BJP and their masters in Nagpur. What we need to question is the savage philosophy that drives people into such frenzy that they threaten a young girl of rape. We need to question the minister who, instead of using the powers at his disposal to protect the rights of the young girl but question motive of the brave young girl who stood up to the savagery of a savage organization. We need to question the organization that breed such ministers. That organization that, instead of protecting the life of the brave young girl, threatens her is nothing but a mob of thugs. Every educated Indian must stand up against such savagery and condemn it.

  2. Rijiju, first set your house clean as it is already polluted with corrupt leaders, including you and others in nefarious activities like running sex rackets, child trafficking, rapes & sexual abuses, counterfeit, black money hoarding added to that is working as ISI agents. Besides this you have hordes of indecent rascals who troll defenseless girls and leaders making degrading comments on our army men’s wives. There will be time when people will revolt against morons like you and it will be disastrous for your political life.

  3. This is not the India that Mahatma Gandhi fought and died for. He knew exactly what will transpire when such people run the country under the garb of democracy. That’s why he advocated a liberal autocracy. I have complete faith in Arvind Kejriwal to realize Bapu’s dreams of having a liberal autocratic government in our country.


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