Police complaint filed against Sonu Nigam for calling Azaan ‘gundagardi’


A written complaint was filed today against singer Sonu Nigam in Marathwadas Aurangabad over his tweet criticising of the use of loudspeakers for broadcasting sermons and calls to prayers, police said.

“We have received a written complaint against the singer. However, no offence has been registered so far in this regard,” Amitesh Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad told PTI.

One Nadeem Rana, head of a local religious organisation, approached the Jinsi Police Station with a written complaint against Nigam, the official said.

“We are studying this complaint and further course of action will be decided accordingly,” he said.

Nigam today got his head tonsured by a celebrity hairstylist at a press conference here in response to a fatwa by a Muslim cleric who took strong exception to the Bollywood playback singers tweets .

On Monday, the 43-year-old singer had described as hooliganism the use of loudspeakers for broadcasting sermons and calls to prayers.

“Gundagardi hai bus (it is hooliganism),” he had posted on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the singer desperately sought to clarify that he was not against Islam or Muslims but was simply against the use of loudspeakers used by any religious groups.

He said, “Everyone picked on my last tweet that said it was ‘gundagardi’ but they did not pay attention to my previous tweets that said I was equally against temples, gurudwara forcing their religions on other non-believers.”

Nigam said that he was also against other religious groups holding processions while drunk, but he refused to name the groups saying ‘I can’t name them.’

He said, “I’m also against those who take out processions while drunk. I can’t name them. But you know who I am talking about.”

Mumbai is known for its Ganesh Chaturthi festival when hundreds of thousands of people take part in the annual festival. Millions take part in religious processions across the city during the immersion of Lord Ganesha idol.

(With PTI inputs)


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