Petrol prices higher by Rs 7.3 per litre since July, Modi govt refuses to intervene


Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has rejected the idea of government’s intervention to disrupt the daily revision in petrol and diesel prices despite Rs 7.3 per litre spike in rates since July, saying the reform will continue.


Pradhan, however, remained non-committal on cutting taxes to soften the blow of relentless rise in prices since 3 July, the government need to finance huge infrastructure and social projects has to be balanced with consumer needs, reported PTI.

Terming the criticism of spike in rates as unfair, he said the drop in prices for over a fortnight after the daily price revision was introduced on June 16 has been ignored and only “temporary” phenomenon of rising trend is being highlighted.

India relies on imports to meet 80 per cent of its needs and so domestic fuel rates have been aligned to movement of equivalent product prices in the international market since April 2002.

Previously the rates were changed every fortnight but since June 16 they are revised daily, Pradhan said, adding that the daily revision immediately passes on the benefit of any reduction in international oil prices to consumers and avoids sharp spikes by spreading them in small doses.

“The government has no business to interfere in day to day operations of oil companies. If at all, efficiency is only areas government will interfere to improve operational efficiency of oil companies,” he after meeting heads of state- run firms.

He was replying to questions from reporters if the government plans to stall the daily price revision in view of the spike in rates.

Pradhan said the global prices have risen due to factors like hurricane in the US and there already are indications of “softening in the rates”.

“As a result of these hurricanes, 13 per cent of US refinery capacity was shutdown,” he said.
Asked if the government will cut excise duty to soften the blow, he said: “That is a call the finance ministry has to take but one thing is very clear – we have to balance the developmental needs with consumer aspirations.”

Social media users have reminded the BJP government at the Centre how its leaders used to be frequently on the streets protesting on the price hike in petroleum prices when the UPA governed the country.

Old tweets and statements by BJP leaders, who are now in government, are being shared on social media platforms with sarcastic comments.



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