Pathankot terror attack was staged by India, says Pakistani JIT according to Pak media


Pakistani Joint Investigation Team, which visited India to probe Pathankot terror attack has reportedly blamed India for staging the attack on the Air Force Base.

According to Pakistan Today newspaper, the JIT has finalised its report and will submit it to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ‘in the next few days.

In a sensational allegation, the paper quoted sources as saying that the JIT had concluded that the Indian authorities had prior information about the attackers.

According to JIT, India used the attack as a tool to expand its “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan “without having any solid evidence to back the claim.”

“The report also raises serious questions over the veracity of Indian claims regarding the Pathankot attack. The JIT has concluded that contrary to the claims of the Indian government about the duration of the encounter, the standoff between the Indian army and alleged terrorists ended within hours of the attack… This finding has made it clear that the attack was a drama staged to malign Pakistan and persuade the world community that Pakistan is involved in terrorism,” the newspaper quotes its JIT source as saying.

The allegation assumes significance in the wake of India’s central government’s decision to welcome the JIT in India even though one of its members was a senior functionary of the Pakistan’s ISI.

Narendra Modi’s government’s decision to welcome the team with the ISI official before allowing them to visit the site of terror attack, a sensitive location other wise, had caused widespread outrage in India.

The JIT report, according to the paper, also said, “Indian authorities also failed to establish that the attackers entered from Pakistan.” It also says that all the attackers were shot dead “within hours of the assault” but “the Indian authorities made it a three-day drama to get maximum attention from the world community in order to malign Pakistan.”

The brutal murder of the NIA officer Tanzeel Ahmad too hasbeen criticised by one JIT member, who the paper quoted as saying, “JIT member as saying that “the brutal murder of a Muslim investigator is evidence that Indian establishment wants to keep the matter under wraps.”

Meanwhile, the Indian government sources said that it was all ISI propoganda and JIT had not officially communicated anything to NIA on Pathankot attack.


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