People assume Muslims hate Hindus in Pakistan, I am living proof that this is not true


After India’s Gurmehar Kaur’s video propagating the message of peace and giving up hatred for Muslims went viral, the Kargil martyr’s daughter has influenced Pakistanis to replicate the same.

Pakistani Hindu
Pakistani Hindu Sachanand Arya

A Pakistani Hindu has taken a leaf out of Gurmehar’s book by recording a similar silent video and conveying his message of peace through a bunch of placards.

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Sachanand Panu Arya is a proud Pakistani Hindu and has recorded a short video dispel the truth that the religious minorities suffered discrimination in the neighbouring Islamic republic.

This is what his message reads, “Namaste, Salam. I’m Pakistani. I’m Hindu. I love Pakistan. I don’t hate anybody. I want to live in peace. People assume that there are no Hindus in Pakistan.

“People assume that Muslims hate Hindus. I am living proof that this is not true. Pakistan has Hindu judges, army officers, traders, pandits. Pakistan has over 2,000 working Hindu temples. “

Like Gurmehar, Arya too ends his video message with #ProfileForPeace.

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Last week, when the Kargil martyr’s daughter recorded the video, her video was viewed by over a million times on Facebook before the social media giant decided to suspend the page that carried the video.

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