Watch PM Modi’s famous promise on facing punishment after 50 days


On 12 November last month, just four days after he announced the note ban, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had famously promised to bring normalcy in just 50 days.

Speaking to a packed audience in Goa, where he was seen breaking down, Modi had said, “All I am asking is just 50 days. After 50 days if there are still shortcomings (situation has not returned to normalcy), let the country decide the chauraha (crossings) and punishment for me, I will happily accept that punishment.”

 50 days

50 days have gone and the situation is far from over. The restrictions on cash withdrawal remain and there are still no adequate money in banks. Meanwhile, people have been forced to deposit whatever cash they had with them.

It’s no surprise that they feel incredibly let down and the prime minister’s credibility is once again under intense scrutiny. His personal credibility has taken a massive hit second time in just two-and-half-year.

During 2014 Lok Sabha elections campaign, he had promised every Indian’s bank accounts will be credited with Rs 15-20 lakh money once he was able to get the black money stashed in foreign banks back to India. Later, his party president, Amit Shah, had termed that promise an election jumla or fake promise.

No wonder, the prime minister is now facing ire from his political opponents and mocking on social media.

Even his own MPs and MLAs are now nervous about facing voters in the five poll-bound states particularly Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Modi is once again addressing the nation tonight. With this embarrassment in mind, it’s highly unlikely that people may trust him once again.


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