PM Modi uses ‘unverified’ WhatsApp message to make case for cashless economy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi made another gaffe on Saturday while making a case for cashless economy in the wake of his demonetisation announcement.

Addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad, Modi said, “Somebody showed me a WhatsApp message. Only God knows if it’s true or not. In the video, a beggar asks a rich man for money. The man says he wants to help but he doesn’t have cash. To which, the beggar takes out a machine asking the man for his debit card so that he could swipe the card to take the required money.”

Modi used this case to justify his note ban, which he had originally said was to curb black money. However, as reported by Janta Ka Reporter, all Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 in circulation is set to be back to banks causing a huge setback to the prime minister’s claims on black money.

Analysts believe that Modi may have changed the narrative from black money to cashless perhaps due to this realisation.

Modi has also faced flak for his diversionary tactics through demonetisation announcement because it was the money stashed in foreign banks that had formed a key part of his election speeches during 2014 elections.

Since coming to power, Modi government has not made any tangible headway towards bringing back the money stashed in foreign banks to India. His trusted lieutenant and the BJP’s national president, Amit Shah, had described the prime minister’s promise on black money as an election jumla.


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