Modi government ‘surrenders’ to China on Dalai Lama


The Centre’s Narendra Modi government appears to have caved in to the bullying tactics of China as it issued an advisory to government officials asked for skipping Dalai Lama events.

Dalai Lama

A report by Indian Express said the central government in its note said that this was a “very sensitive time” for bilateral relations with China and asked “senior leaders” and “government functionaries” of the Centre and states to stay away from events planned for March-end and early April by the “Tibetan leadership in India” to mark the start of 60 years in exile of the Dalai Lama.

The MEA was quick to issue a clarification but its statement was silent on the government note asking officials to skip the planned events by Dalai Lama. “The government’s position on His Holiness the Dalai Lama is clear and consistent. He is a revered religious leader and is deeply respected by people of India.There is no change in that position. He is accorded all freedom to carry out his religious activities in India,” ANI quoted the MEA statement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed to adopt a hawkish approach against China and Pakistan before 2014 Lok Sabha elections. While addressing an election rally in Arunachal Pradesh, Modi had said, “The world has changed. An expansionist mindset will not be accepted. China will also have to do away with such a mindset.”

His bravado here was not in isolation. While addressing another rally, he had famously said, “The Indian foreign minister went to China. He ought to have raised his voice against the Chinese action and spoken to China by showing them the red eye.”

The latest revelation that the indian government appears to have surrendered before China has now become a butt of social media jokes and topic of immense criticism.

PM Modi had adopted an equally hawkish approach towards Pakistan. He had told a news channel that he will teach Pakistan a lesson in the language in understood best. But soon after he became the PM, his policy towards Pakistan has been utterly confusing.




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