Meat in Dadri victim’s fridge was of goat and not beef, confirms another report


A Uttar Pradesh government report has confirmed that the meat found in victim Mohammad Akhlaq’s house was mutton and not beef.

UP VET department’s preliminary report has once again confirmed that the meat which was found in Mohammad Akhlaq’s fridge was not beef but goat meat.

This report comes after another forensic report by the state government in October had also described the meat found in Akhlaq’s fridge as that of goat and not beef.

On 28 September, soon after Akhlaq was murdered allegedly by an enraged Hindu mob, mostly belonging to local BJP leader’s family, the police had collected a sample of the meat from his house in Bisada and sent it to a vet for preliminary testing. These tests had suggested it was mutton, but the police chose to be doubly sure and sent the sample to a lab in Mathura for a conclusive test. And that report had also confirmed it was mutton, Times of India quoting a top government official reported.

Everybody except those who supported this murder felt that the police need not have sent the meat for any test, because whether it was mutton or beef had little bearing on the crime.

However, there was no mention of beef in the charge-sheet filed by UP police, which mentioned a BJP leader’s son as a prime accused.



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