Man opens fire in front of Delhi Police personnel as violent clashes break out in Bhajanpura, Maujpur and Jaffrabad


In a shocking development, the role of the Delhi Police once again came under scrutiny after a video of a man opening fire in the presence went viral on social media. In the video, a policeman is seen scurrying for shelter as a group of protesters chased him with stones and a pistol in their hands. As the armed man comes close to the cop, he looks to his right on the other side of the road opens fire presumably at his rivals.

Delhi Police

This was after violent clashes broke out in Bhajanpura, Maujpur and Jaffrabad and other parts of northeast Delhi for the second time in 24 hours. The man opening fire came just a day after BJP’s Kapil Mishra warned of consequences if the police failed to remove anti-CAA protesters from Delhi’s streets.

Issuing chilling threats in front of a senior IPS officer of the Delhi Police, Mishra had said, “The DCP sir is standing next to us. I am saying this on your behalf. We will maintain peace until Trump leaves India. After that, we will not even listen to you (cops) if the roads are not freed from protesters.”

Meanwhile, journalist Prashant Kumar reported that a Delhi police personnel had succumbed to his injuries sustained during the recent violent clashes. A news report by PTI said that DCP Shahdara Amit Sharma had been injured during clashes. He has now been hospitalised.

Meanwhile, faced with criticism, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finally broke his silence and tweeted, “Very distressing news regarding disturbance of peace and harmony in parts of Delhi coming in. I sincerely urge Hon’ble LG n Hon’ble Union Home Minister to restore law and order n ensure that peace and harmony is maintained. Nobody should be allowed to orchestrate flagrations.”

Violent clashes have coincided with the arrival of US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump in Delhi.



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