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Thursday saw the Aam Aadmi Party make sensational allegations against the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley.

Both Jaitley and his cabinet colleague, Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani, were quick to issue rebuttal, calling the graft allegations made by the AAP, ‘baseless, blasphemous and preposterous.

As expected, this being the day’s biggest news, the channels have already announced their plan to dedicate prime time slots to discuss the fallout of what looks like an editorial set to dominate the news agenda for next few days.

We at will be discussing the prime time debates between 2100 and 2200 hours IST. We will be posting the key points made at different channels coupled with your observations posted on twitter using hashtag #JantaKaReporter.

Two channels, namely Times Now and News X have already taken a line against AAP giving an idea of the direction tonight’s debates may travel to.

This is how both these channels have plugged their debates on twitter’



Clearly, both these channels have concluded that the allegations against Jaitley had ‘fallen flat’ and were ‘damp squib.’

Let’s hope panelists point out such explicit biases.

JKR: Times Now kicks off its debate with hashtag #ArvindCricketCard, India Today’s debating #ModiKejriWar

JKR: Arnab has already declared allegations against Jaitley a ‘washout.’ You get the idea of how debate will follow

JKR: On India Today BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao says people are jealous of Arun Jaitley

JKR: Chetan Chauhan on India Today says they took action when they came to know about corruptions

JKR: Ashish Khetan challenges Arnab for calling AAP PC damp squib

JKR: Ashish Khetan of AAP is aggressive, questioning Times Now’s alleged biases

JKR: Shazia Ilmi of BJP on CNN-IBN says AAP lied about Arun Jaitley, Bhupendra Chaubey doing his best moderating the debate

JKR: Bhupendra Chuabey asks if Jaitley should resign on moral grounds, Shazia says ‘what logic, hilarious’

JKR: On NewsX, BJP rep says there’s not a single charge against Jaitley

JKR: @sureshsmysore Yes agree, Rajdeep doing a good job

JKR: Rajdeep asks Saurabh Bharadwaj why AAP not filing FIR, he says do you think Bassi will investigate his boss

JKR: Sambit Patra of BJP asking for decent debate. Both AAP and Congress going jugular. But its very noisy as usual

JKR: Arnab Asking why Congress did not sack Rajiv Shukla after SFIO report was made public.

JKR: Arnab is unusually less aggressive against non-BJP spokies. Perhaps Asish Khetan’s early charge has worked

JKR: On NDTV, much saner atmosphere. Swapan Sagupta lectures Tom Vadakkan to be careful before accusing people

JKR: Agree, @commonmansjob

JKR: Barkha asks a pertinent question. Why did Congress not launch inquiry when it was in power. Is it to divert attention on National Herald

JKR: Raghav Chadha on NDTV says there are 4 reports indicting DDCA of corruption while Jaitley was head of DDCA

JKR; What’s happening on Times Now. Kalappa of Congress wants Patra to drink water, he says thank you ‘I’m a doctor, have my own tablet’

JKR: You think Arun Jaitley was dhritrashtra for 15 years, didn’t see any corruption, says Ashish Khetan

JKR: Arnab says he doesn’t want  to have home advantage, will resume debate after break

JKR: On Zee, Sudhir Chaudhary ‘lecturing’ Congress and AAP that they should not consider themselves above law

JKR: Once an AAP sympathiser, Kamal Mitra Chenoy reminds people to respect the anchor for better debate

JKR: Is it just us who think Arnab is unusually defensive against Ashish Khetan tonight?

JKR: If Jaitley is not responsible for DDCA scam, then Manmohan Singh was not responsible for UPA scams.

JKR: We’ve almost forgotten that Sambit Patra is also on Times Now’s panel

JKR: Sambit quips, AAP trying to exhume buried body, Khetan tells him to go and tell this to BJP MP Kirti Azad

JKR: Arun Jaitley lawyer the, cricket mein kya dilchaspi thi unko, asks Ashish Khetan. Sambit tries to answer but can’t be heard

With this the prime time comes to end. We think Times Now gave more one liners, but NDTV and India Today had more sanity

Thank you for being with us.


  1. Nice idea… can catch with all discussions in a single place & your comments in between were fantastic… gr8 idea. Whosoever gave this idea give him/her a hike

  2. I am not a regular watcher but when there is some fireworks expected i do watch but when more than two persons speak (which is most on Times and News X) I switch channels as I am unable to listen and digest the content. This transcript is great idea – u “suffer” we “cruise” – thnks


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