Krishna was a legendary Eve teaser: Complaint filed against Prashant Bhushan for ‘derogatory’ tweet


Renowned Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Sunday courted controversy after he called Lord Krishna a ‘legendary Eve teaser.’

krishna legendary eve teaser
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In his tweet targetting Uttar Pradesh’s anti-Romeo squad, Bhushan had tweeted, “Romeo loved just one lady,while Krishna was a legendary Eve teaser.Would Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilantes AntiKrishna squads?”

He later clarified with few tweets, “My tweet on Romeo brigade being distorted. My position is: By the logic of Romeo Brigade, even Lord Krishna would look like eve teaser. We have grown up with legends of young Krishna teasing Gopis. The logic of Romeo squad would criminalise this.Didnt intend to hunt sentiments”

Bhushan said that he was not religious but his mother was and posted the photo of photo frame of Lord Krishna’s photo.

He wrote, “Tho I am not religious, my mother was.I grew up listening to the folklore of lord Krishna in childhood.Painting of Radha-Krishna in our home b(sic).”

The BJP then filed a complaint against Bhushan for his ‘derogatory’ tweet against Lord Krishna.

Tajinder Bagga, who was recently appointed the BJP spokesperson, said it is Bhushan’s habit to make these kinds of statements for cheap publicity.

“This is not the first time that he (Prashant Bhushan) has given these kinds of statements. At times he says Kashmir should be given to Pakistan and at times he gives statements on Bharatiya Sena and then at times he says the Bharatiya Sena rapes. Then he alleges that the Bharatiya Sena thrashes the innocents,” he was quoted by ANI.

The Tilak Marg police in Delhi, where Bagga has lodged a complaint, is looking into the matter, a police official said, adding no FIR has been lodged yet.

The special anti-Romeo squads of UP Police were formed to check eveteasing after the Yogi Aditynath government assumed office last month, fulfilling one of the poll promises of the BJP. Critics have alleged that it has led to incidents of harassment.

Stressing that his government was firm on upholding the security and dignity of women, Chief Minister Adityanath had said a state-wide drive has been launched to free public places of anti-social elements and check incidents of eve-teasing, indecent behaviour and passing of lewd comments at women and girls.

Bhushan is a leader of Swaraj India party, which he along with his associate Yogendra Yadav floated in October last year after being expelled from AAP.

Reacting to Bhushan’s “offensive” tweet, UP BJP spokesperson Manish Shukla, said, “It simply reflects his narrow mindset. The tweet has hurt the sentiments of billions of devotees of Lord Krishna not only in India, but across the world.

“He is the same Prashant Bhushan, who had once said that Kashmir is not a part of India. Hence, the need of the hour is to initiate stringent legal action against him.”

BJP’s National General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav said Bhushan should study the Indian epics before commenting.

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