Kerala’s new sports minister thinks Mohammad Ali won gold medal for Kerala, becomes social media joke


Saturday was the day of too many gaffes relating to the sad demise of the legend Mohammad Ali.

First a relatively unknown social media user shot to fame after she described Ali the greatest ever footballer leading the Twitter users to mock and troll her.

Then it was the turn of Kerala’s new sports minister, E P Jayarajan, who made extraordinary comments calling the legendary boxer as one of Kerala’s iconic sportsmen.

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He didn’t stop here. While taking part in a phone-in programme on Manorama TV, Jayarajan said he had just come to know of the death of Mohammed Ali in the US. He went on to praise the legend before adding the little detail that he had brought in “many medals for Kerala in his heydays.”

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He said, “Ali was an eminent sports personality of Kerala and is one who has won a gold medal thereby raising Kerala’s position in the world.”

The ignorant minister was about to make more gaffes when the alert anchor cut the audio taking him off air and thereby saving more embarrassment for him.

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It was, however, enough for him to earn the widespread ridicule on social media.

One comment by social media user, according to IANS, read, “had not the anchor intervened, the minister would have announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs. 5 lakhs and a state government job for Ali’s daughter.”

(Photo: NDTV)


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