Kashmiri man tied to army jeep says he was on his way to attend family funeral


Kashmiri man tied to an army jeep and paraded across villages in the Valley has spoken by making astonishing revelations.

kashmiri man tied

Contrary to media reports that branded him as a stone pelter, 26-year-old Farooq Ahmed Dar said that he was on his way to attend a funeral in the family when he was picked up and tied to the army jeep.

He told Indian Express, “I am not a stone-pelter. Never in my life have I thrown stones. I work as an embroiderer of shawls, and I know some carpentry. This is what I do.”

Dar said that he was paraded 25 kms by army before being released adding that he found himself helpless because of his poverty-stricken life.

He said, “Gareeb log hain, kya karengey complain (We are poor people, what will we complain). I live alone with my asthmatic mother who is 75-years-old. I am scared. Anything can happen to me. I am not a stone-pelter.” His mother Fazie agreed: “No, we don’t want any inquiry. We are poor people. I don’t want to lose him. He is the only one I have to look after me in my old age.”

His brother Fayaz Ahmad told DNA that Dar had even cast his vote before he left to attend the condolence meeting of a relative when he was allegedly caught by the army and tied to the bonnet of their jeep to keep stone throwers at bay.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that he would look into the issue of a video showing a man tied to an army jeep, purportedly to be used as a human shield against stone pelters in Kashmir, which has gone viral.

He said he had no information on the video as of now, but added, “Whatever has happened, we will look into it.”

The video showed a man tied to an army jeep, purportedly to be used as a human shield against stone pelters, in the Beerwah area of Budgam district on April 9.

Singh said, “I have already asked for filing an FIR on the incident (of) CRPF jawans (being heckled) while carrying electronic voting machines.”

In that video, a CRPF man on polling duty was seen being heckled by protesters in the Chadoora area of Budgam district.

Army and defence officials were not immediately available for comment.

The video has evoked angry reactions from social media users with many calling the act by the Indian armed forces as a gross violation of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.


  1. Some one from Kashmir shared the below story. This is being circulated in whets groups as well…

    Stone pelter tied on Jeep – The real story

    The video is of 9th April. The location is Budgam in Kashmir. One of the police booth was targeted in Budgam on the election day on 9th April. The ITBP and Jammu and Kashmir personnel were guarding a polling booth. When the polling was almost over, a mob of about 900 stone pelters attacked the personnel guarding the booth. Eye witnesses said that they were not pelting just stones.

    SHOCKING details surfaced

    They in fact had huge boulders in their hand which they were throwing at the ITBP and J&K Police. They wanted to prevent the people from casting their votes, said a person who witnessed the incident. What is to be noted here is that there were only 9 security personnel to guard the polling booth. It was 9 versus 900. The ITBP Jawans realized that they would not be able to get out alive unless and until they do something.

    Please recall at this moment that a stone pelter doesn’t fear the CRPF or police anymore. A recent video on social media showed Kashmir youth who were beating up CRPF Jawans carrying guns. Guns were useless at this moment too. “They threatened us that they would lynch us all to death. We were 9 people in total, they were in hundreds. We immediately called the Army station commander and sent out a SOS message. The Army Commander immediately helped us. He sent in a Quick Response Team (QRT) with one jeep and one bus,” said one of the men who was trapped in a room with a mob of 900 waiting outside to kill him.

    Commander’s amazing presence of mind!

    When the QRT arrived, they too realized that they were outnumbered. The QRT has about 17 members, but they too knew that it would be difficult to face a mob of 900. The Commander of the QRT decided that it would be a bad idea to open fire at the mob and could escalate tensions. The Commander immediately decided that rescuing the men inside is what was important.

    He caught hold of one Kashmiri stone pelter, tied him on to the jeep and drove pas the mob of 900. Not only did they go in, they saved the 9 ITBP and J&K Police personnel, and managed to come out alive. Please share this story so that the truth comes out.


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