Karni Sena leader calls news anchor ‘baby,’ gets dressing down on LIVE TV


A video of Karni Sena leader Surajpal Amu being ripped apart by a news anchor on Live TV after he addressed her as ‘baby’ has gone viral on social media platforms.

Karni Sena

The incident happened last week on NewsX channel during a live debate on the violent protests surrounding the release of Padmaavat. Karni Sena’s Amu addressed the show’s anchor and journalist, Sanjana Chowhan, as ‘baby.’ As expected, this loose talk by the man belonging to the right-wing terror outfit, Karni Sena, did not go unnoticed by Chowhan.

A livid Chowhan admonished Amu on Live TV reminding him about the etiquette while addressing a woman since he was claiming to fight for the dignity of a woman called Padmavati, albeit a mythical character.

She said, “You will not call me baby. Do I make myself clear, Mr Surajpal Amu? Ok? You will answer the questions as to why the Karni Sena is doing the goondagardi in the country. Simple. You will not call me baby. Don’t call me baby. Do you understand? Do you understand? This is no way to speak to a woman.. How dare you call me a baby?… Who the hell are you?”

The news anchor rightly demanded an apology, but perhaps expecting civility and sophistication from a key member of a terror outfit was her mistake. Far from showing any remorse, Amu replied using foul language, “Am I a servant of your father that I will apologise to you? Shut Up.”




  1. Kudos for the anchor for he courageous and pointed admonishing of the karni leader. Posing as champion of womens rights, he lost his mannerisms

  2. She is a communist idiotic female anchor, these media idiots think they can speak whatever, show whatever, run agenda of there choice,, they are fit to be given thrashing the way Mns, and shiv Sena do in Mumbai, there these anchors dont have courage to speak against them, Karni Sena is too linient ,,


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