Saw Arvind Kejriwal accept Rs 2 crore cash from Satyender Jain


Sacked Delhi minister, Kapil Mishra, is speaking to media post his removal from the cabinet of Arvind Kejriwal.

kapil mishra live

His news conference assumes significance in light of his promise that he will do an expose on Sunday.

On Sunday, his tweet had sensationally alleged that he had seen ‘HIM’ accepting illegal cash. Earlier today, he had also met the Delhi LG, Anil Baijal.

Here are the highlights  of his press conference.

  • Today is the beginning of the movement
  • Aam Aadmi Party is my party, will always stay here
  • If my party has become corrupt, then I will have to clean it. No one can remove from the party.
  • I’m the only minister, who doesn’t have any CBI inquiry against me, never favoured any daughter or relative.
  • Was Arvind Kejriwal lying to the people of Delhi for last two years?
  • I’ve been removed from the cabinet after I spoke against corruption. Please check my Twitter timeline
  • When I became minister I sent a report against Sheila Dikshit to CM. What happened to that report after that everyone knows
  • Since I had taken oath, I must say that I witnessed to corruption in funding during Punjab elections and after.
  • I always thought that Arvind Kejriwal ji was honest person and he will take action when this is brought to his notice
  • On Friday, I saw Satyender Jain give Rs 2 crore cash to Arvind Kejriwal. I could not sleep all through the night.
  • I raised this issue with Arvind Kejriwal ji.
  • I will not spare anyone, will send everyone to jail unless they tell me the source of that Rs 2 crore cash

Soon after Mishra’s press conference, the Delhi BJP chief, Manoj Tiwari, said that Kejriwal must resign and a case registered against him by the probe agency.

On whether the BJP should welcome Mishra in the party, Tiwari said that he was with anyone against corruption.

Congress party too demanded Kejriwal’s resignation asking him to assist the ‘fair and impartial probe.

Speaking to ANI, Congress’s Shakil Ahmed said that the allegations by Mishra were grave and needed to investigated.

The party’s Delhi president, Ajay Maken, demanded a CBI inquiry into Mishra’s allegations. He said that Kejriwal must resign owning moral responsibility.

Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, told reporters that Mishra’s allegations were baseless and not worth responding to.

TV personality and AAP supporter tweeted saying he was out of the party after today’s development.

His tweet said, “That’s it. I’m done. This is not what I signed up for. We need a better govt. We also need a better opposition. I’m out.”

Meanwhile, Kumar Vishwas, who Mishra was believed to be close to, tweeted, “Urge all friends and workers to maintain patience and show faith. We will do whatever is good for country and and partymen together.”

Speaking to reporters later, Vishwas said, “I will never imagine that Arvind Kejriwal can be corrupt. This even his enemies won’t believe. I have known Kejriwal for 12 years.. This is a difficult time and I want workers to support us.”

However, Kejriwal received some support from an expected quarter when his former colleague and Swaraj India head, Yogendra Yadav, tweeted the following;

“I might agree with charges of power greed, arrogance, authoritarianism against Kejriwal, but charge of taking bribe need solid evidence.”



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