BJP office-bearer Ankit Bhardwaj comes forward, launches tirade against AAP


Sakced AAP minister, Kapil Mishra, was on Monday reportedly attacked during a press conference, reports ABP News.

Kapil Mishra attacked

Delhi Police has arrested the person, who attacked the former Delhi minister. The attacker has been identified as one Ankit Bharadwaj.

It was first reported that Bhardwaj was an AAP supporter, but soon social media was replete with the screenshots of the attacker’s Facebook profile.

According to the Facebook profile of Bhardwaj posted mainly by AAP social media team, he appears to be a BJP supporter. This has promoted AAP supporters to conclude that the attack was pre-planned to allegedly extract media publicity.

AAP’s official Twitter handle tweeted a video of senior party functionary, Sanjay Singh. The video was later deleted.

However, Bharadwaj, who’s the BJP’s office-bearer, came out and spoke to media clarifying that he had nothing to do with the attack on Mishra.

Bhardwaj told ANI that there was an attempt to defame him and his party, the BJP with the fake news..

He also took to Facebook to launch scathing attack against AAP.

His post read, “Friends as usual these aaptards are again n again showing their level in politics. Now when even media is clear about the confusion happened in kapil mishra act. When the original guy has been arrested by the police and he himself confessed that he is aap karyakarta. Aap is still trying to deviate the topic by portraying my name n profile on their page. See their level of dirty politics. (sic)”

Mishra has been staging a sit-in at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar demanding that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reveal the details on the foreign trips of several AAP leaders.


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