Some doctors get their transfer stopped because judges are their friends, Judiciary must know its limit: Nitin Gadkari


Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has slammed the judiciary alleging that it was interfering in the functioning of government run hospitals.

Speaking at a function organised by Maharashtra Medical Council on Sunday, Gadkari said that some doctors were able to stall their transfer orders because of their friendship with judges of lower and higher courts.

He said that some doctors had ‘friends’ in district and high court and they use their contacts to get their transfer orders reversed.

Attacking the judiciary, Gadkari said that it was not a healthy practice because the same judiciary would then be quick to find faults in the functioning of medical colleges.

“Supreme Court and High Court can’t run medical colleges. Judiciary and government machinery must know their limits,” he was quoted by Hindi newspaper Jansatta.

Gadkari also attacked the Medical Council of India saying that it was quick to point out the shortcomings in the functioning of medical colleges adding that such criticism stalled the growth. He said that instead of finding faults, the council ought to exercise patience for medical colleges to improve.


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