Journalists not allowed to ask questions to Yogi Adityanath


Taking a leaf out PM Narendra Modi’s book, Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, on Tuesday refused to allow journalists to ask any questions when he met them to talk about his government completing 100 days.

journalists not allowed yogi

He arrived at the so-called press conference, spoke for 15 minutes without any interruption and then left with folded hands. In his one-way conversation, Adityanath said that he was satisfied with his own government’s performance in the first 100 days.

When reporters insisted on asking questions, they were instead advised to read the booklet handed out to them by the state government.

Adityanath refuse to answer questions on farmer loan waivers, deteriorating law and order and an alarming rise in brutalities committed by right-wing terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes. Journalists present at the press conference venue protested loudly, but to no avail.

UP’s health minister and government spokesperson Sidharth Nath Singh, referred to a booklet released by the Adityanath government on the occasion, and offered this gem, “Read our book and then ask questions.”

“The problem is the media comes with pre-mediated questions. We have given a book to you highlighting our achievements. You don’t want to read it but to put questions. I don’t think that’s fair to the Chief Minister,” Singh was quoted by NDTV.

Adityanath has faced huge public condemnation for poor governance with him as the state’s chief minister in the first 100 days.

His refusal to answers journalists’ questions came on the day his mentor, Modi, too was in news for not taking any questions from reporters at the White House, where he was the State Guest of President Donald Trump.


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