JDU spokesperson Ajay Alok made to resign for calling West Bengal ‘mini Pakistan,’ hint of new political realignment against BJP?


The Janata Dal United has sacked one of its key spokespersons, Dr Ajay Alok, after he slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for allegedly turning the state into a ‘mini Pakistan.’

A day after Alok told reporters in Patna that Bengal under Mamata Banerjee was ‘degenerating into a mini-Pakistan,’ he made a shock announcement  about his resignation as the JDU spokesperson. Alok, who frequently appeared on TV channels to represent his party, wrote in his resignation, “I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from the post of Spokesperson of the party as I feel I am not doing a good job for the party. I thank you and the party for giving me this honour but please accept my resignation.”

Alok also wrote on Twitter, “I have resigned as a Spokesperson from JDU as I think I am not doing good job as my views which are mine of course do not match with my party , Thanks to my Party and my President who has always supported me and I don’t want to be a source of embarrassment for @NitishKumar.”

Alok was quoted by News 18 earlier this week as saying, “What is happening in West Bengal is a matter of grave concern. I have been saying this for long. I do not understand why she (Banerjee) has thanked and commended our chief minister. May be she is happy that the JD(U) is contesting elections in four states on its own, not as a part of the NDA. But this gesture does not absolve her of her mistakes. She must act to prevent her state from degenerating into a mini-Pakistan.”

JDU insiders say that Nitish Kumar took a dim view of his spokesperson Ajay Alok repeating the BJP line to attack Mamata Banerjee and asked for his resignation

His comments came after Mamata Banerjee praised Bihar Chief Minister and JDU leader Nitish Kumar for deciding to contest assembly polls in four states without an alliance with the BJP. Kumar is currently running the Bihar government in alliance with the saffron party. However, there are reports that a serious rift has emerged between the two alliance partners after Prime Minister Narendra Modi only offered on ministry to the JDU into his cabinet. The JDU had later turned down the offer.

The BJP has been attacking Banerjee by using the ‘mini Pakistan’ jibe. The JDU leadership expressing its displeasure at its spokesperson for repeating the same shows the widening rift between the two allies. This also hints at a possible political realignment against the BJP in times to come.


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