Woman claiming to be part of Aam Aadmi Sena smears ink on Arvind Kejriwal


A woman claiming to be part of Aam Aadmi Sena threw ink on Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal during a rally in Delhi on Sunday.

Kejriwal was addressing the rally at Chhatrasal stadium to thank Delhiites for making odd-even formula for cars a success.


The woman attacker attempted to walk close to the stage, which had the entire Delhi cabinet.

In what could be described as a spectacular security breach, the attacker, Bhavna Arora, walked within few meters of distance from where Kejriwal was speaking without any fuss.

News agency ANI posted the video of this extraordinary development.

As expected, the AAP leaders have begun sharpening their knives against Delhi police for the latest security lapse, which may have resulted in endangering the life of a CM.

Kejriwal has been the target of physical assaults and smearing of ink by his rivals on many occasions before he became the chief minister. This is the first time someone has attacked him with ink after he became the CM.

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said that there may be a conspiracy behind the latest ink attack on Kejriwal.

Arora, Member of AAP’s rival group Aam Aadmi Sena, was involved in damaging the posters belonging to Kejriwal’s party. She had justified her act as a protest against the death of farmer Gajendra Singh at Jantar Mantar.

To prove a point thaf she was nowhere connected with the AAP, the party’s social media team member Rahis Khan posted this video.

AAP has described this as a serious breach in security for Kejriwal adding the attacker could potentially harmed the Delhi chief minister with more serious weapons.

The party also alleged that the police had not provided Kejriwal adequate security during his return journey by train from Ludhiana to Delhi on 14 January.

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandey Katju tweeted saying the ink attack was allegedly linked to the involvement of an AAP minister in CAG sticker scam.

AAP supporters on twitter have begun trending hashtag #IncompetentDelhiPolice to express their outrage on Sunday’s security lapse.

Here are some examples:






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