Infamous Rajasthan murderer created ‘Love Jihad’ excuse to hide his illicit relationship with ‘Hindu sister’


Last year, a Rajasthan man called Shambhulal Regar had brutally killed a Muslim man from West Bengal by first attacking him with an axe before setting him ablaze.


Now it has emerged that he had merely used the excuse of ‘love jihad’ as a smokescreen to hide his illicit relationship with a woman, who he claimed to protect in the murder video by referring her as a ‘Hindu sister.’

Shambhulal had an illicit relationship with the woman who he referred as ‘Hindu sister’ in the video allegedly had liking for a Muslim man from Bengal. Shambhulal, according to the charge-sheet, wanted to kill Ballu Sheikh, with whom the Hindu woman had eloped in 2010, but ended up killing Mohammad Afrazul.

In their charge sheet filed in the court of the Rajsamand chief judicial magistrate on Friday, police stated Regar linked Afrazul’s death to love jihad, Article 370, Islamic terrorism, so that his illicit relations with the woman would not be discovered, reported Hindustan Times 

The chargesheet said, “If Regar killed Afrazul, then other labourers from West Bengal will not migrate to Raj Nagar due to the fear. He had planned to link the murder with ‘love jihad’ to cover his illicit relations and establish himself as a hardcore Hindu fundamentalist.”

A report by Times of India said that in the charge-sheet, police said they had recovered a diary from a hill behind a temple, in which Regar had written the inflammatory remarks that he made in the videos

He had started watching videos of Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists a year before executing the murder, it said.

The charge-sheet further read that Regar had gathered information related to videos about Islamic jihad, love jihad, section 370, terrorism in Kashmir, Ram temple, period film ‘Padmavat’, another Bollywood film ‘PK’, reservation and other issues.

Rajasthan has seen a phenomenal rise in hate crimes targetting Muslims under the current BJP government headed by Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Most notable among the hate crimes was of Pehlu Khan, who was lynched to death by the Hindutva terrorists, masquerading as cow vigilantes. Six of the attackers of Pehlu Khan were later exonerated evoking angry reactions from the members of civil society in India.


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