India Today journalist trolled for tweet on Triple Talaq, causes #MuslimWomenAchievers to trend


With triple talaq dominating the news coverage, TRP hungry Indian news channels can never be far behind. In an age when mainstreaming of Islamophobia has become routine, the channels with few exceptions, have earned notoriety in pushing agenda-driven journalism.

india today journalist

It was because of this perception about Indian news channels that an India Today journalist’s tweet on Friday became an intense topic of social media conversation.

Reporter Gaurav Sawant tweeted, “Kalpana Chawla reached space. @thekiranbedi became IPS. Muslim women still battling triple talaq: Muslim women anguish on @IndiaToday 10 pm. (sic)”

His next two tweets read, “Their deep anguish has to be heard. The pent up anger at being marginalised. Muslim women take on clerics on Triple Talaq. @IndiaToday 10 pm. Triple Talaq is banned in 22 nations incl Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia & even a state sponsor of Terror Pakistan. (sic)”

This was enough to cause outrage on social media with many users registering their protest on Sawant’s alleged attempt to portray Muslim women as being oppressed.

Such was the anger against the journalist that hashtag #MuslimWomenAchievers became a top national trend on Twitter with users frantically posting names and photos of women who had gone on to make both their community and the country proud.

Faced with outrage, Sawant was then forced to issue a clarification stating that his original statement made in his tweet drawing a parallel with Kiran Bedi and Kalpana Chawla was not his but of the participants of a special programme, which he was seeking to plug on Twitter.

This appeared to somewhat pacify the users but it didn’t stop them from posting the names of Muslim women achievers.

Here are some examples;



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