IAS topper’s fake Facebook profile praising Narendra Modi goes viral, Tina Dabi calls statements ridiculous


Since it emerged that Tina Dabi had topped this year’s IAS exams, the Delhi girl has become a national celebrity.

Tina Dabi from Delhi
Tina Dabi from Delhi

But, her new stardom has also caused considerable woes for the IAS topper.

Dabi was recently alerted about several fake Facebook profiles doing rounds, but the news didn’t cause her as much anguish as the statements being attributed to her.

The ‘status’ update of one such fake profile said, “I am really disappointed by what people are talking about me. I know who has been inspiring me and he our P.M. Narendra Modi. Am I compelled to admit Ambedkar ji as my idol just because I belong to S.C. category? Why this ‘Jai Bhim’ comments everywhere? I am a great admirer of Baba Saheb. What he had done for the backward categories is laudable. He had worked towards the upliftment of the dalits but he had never supported ‘reservation’. The system of reservation was in our constitution for very short period but the politicians are using it as a tool for their vote banks.”


When informed about the messages being attributed to her, Dabi update her status on the page that she actually owned.

Her status said, “I want to clarify that none of the ridiculous statements being made under my name are my opinion. It’s really heartbreaking for me to see that a few anti-social elements can’t even allow a simple girl, who has hardwork to remain in peace.”

Dabi, a graduate from Lady Shriram College in Delhi, had met Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, with her family soon after the results were announced.

Many social media users believe that people behind Dabi’s fake profiles praising PM Narendra Modi could be handiwork of BJP supporters.

The official page of All India Students’ Association posted, “Some bhakts have made a fake account of UPSC topper Tina Dabi and posting fake statements calling Modi her inspiration. Here’s the fake post and the original Tina Dabi’s clarification.”

Journalist Pratik Sinha wrote, “Bhakts have left no stone unturned in order to make people believe that UPSC topper Tina Dabi is a Modi Bhakt and at the same time anti-Ambedkar. They have created dozens of fake profiles in which Tina Dabiclaims that she’s inspired by Modi. When it comes to morality, no one can sink lower than a Modi Bhakt. No one.”

Facebook user Rohan Kusnur reacted on his Facebook page, “Bhakts have not even spared this year’s UPSC topper. Sick people.”

User Aviroop Gupta wrote, “So there are now fake FB profiles of Tina Dabi where she declares ‘…I know who has been inspiring me and he is our P.M. Narendra Modi. Am I compelled to admit Ambedkar ji as my idol just because I belong to S.C. category? Why this ‘Jai Bhim’ comments everywhere?’ Really ‘creepy’ indeed”


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