Hindu Mahasabha writes to Tina Dabi’s parents, wants Aamir’s ‘ghar wapsi’ before her marriage to a Muslim


Militant Hindutva outfit, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, has written to the parents of 2016 IAS topper, Tina Dabi, reminding them that the latter’s decision to marry a fellow topper, Athar Aamir-ul Shafi Khan amounted to Love Jihad.

According to website, Sabrang India, the ‘retrograde patriarchial outfit’ has penned a letter to her parents.

Hindu Mahasabha

In the letter, the national general secretary of the outfit, Munna Kumar Sharma states that while they are proud of her achievements in topping the IAS examination, her decision to marry Athar Amar-ul Shafi is ‘painful.’

They have demanded that first Athar should be persuaded to undergo a ‘Ghar Vapsi’ (Return to Hinduism) and urged the father to give adequate thought to the proposed marriage.

Janta Ka Reporter had exclusively reported on 10 November about Dabi going public with her relationship with fellow IAS topper, Khan, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir.

Later, speaking to Times of India, Dabi had said, “We met in the morning and by evening Aamir was at my door. Uske liye pehli nazar mein pyaar ho gaya (For him, it was love at first sight)… But I thank Aamir every day for his perseverance. He is a wonderful person.”

Dabi said that she could only reciprocate Aamir’s love in August even though it was a love at first sight for the topper from Kashmir.

Dabi said that she wasn’t overly bothered about what people thought of their inter-religion love.

She said, “We are in love and very happy. But I must admit that I get very disturbed when I read stuff about us. We have stopped googling our names and reading news about ourselves. I think it is a small price to pay for being in the public eye.”

For proponents of the far Hindutva right, autonomy of choice, especially for the girl or woman is anathema. Within this parameter the fact that a successful and intelligent woman can choose of her own to break the caste and community barriers that are the bedrocks of this male gaze and worldview, is no surprise.




  1. Both are educated and they have every right to choose how they are going to live their own lives.

    While any radical Muslim group hasn’t issued any fatwa but Hindu Mahasabha did. This proves Hindu radical groups are going nuts like the islamists.

    I really doubt how many of these Hindu Mahasabha members even did graduation! Prosecute the Hindu Mahasabha goons for violating constitutional rights of well educated citizens.


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