Hate-monger loses job after he rejoices ‘killing, maiming and raping’ of Kashmiri Muslim women


A multi-national company has fired one of its Indian hate monger employees, who was caught spreading hate on social media and calling for the killing of Kashmiri Muslims ‘economically’ in order to force them to sell their ‘daughters, wives’ in ‘Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to feed themselves.’

hate monger

Ashish Kaul, a Kashmiri Pandit, tweeted, “I love when Kashmiri Muslim women cry on roads-yeh masoom tha, begunah tha! Amarnath Cha thuss ya Aazadi- the proof is in the casualty chart of last 1 year, sorry 28 years! We are killing, maiming and raping you at will! Ha Haaa Cry aloud Aazadi.

Another tweet by Kaul, a senior HR professional in a multi-national company, said, “Kill the bastards economically and let them sell their daughters, wives in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to feed themselves!”

His tweets evoked angry reactions from social media users with many tagging his employer, DDI World, and asking if it condoned such hate-mongering.

The company, an international firm specialising in providing leadership tools to corporates around the world, acted with lightening speed to inform that Kaul, the hate-monger, had been fired. The company said, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As a matter of policy, we cannot publically comment on employee matters; however, we are taking this situation seriously.”

The company later issued a full statement, which read, “On Friday, May 11, DDI was alerted to the fact that an employee who worked as a consultant in India had made statements on social media that condoned violence against members of the community in the Kashmir region. We were shocked and saddened by the nature of these posts, which are in direct violation of our mission and values. As soon as we learned about the social media posts, we immediately suspended the employee and launched an investigation to determine the full scope of the issue. As of May 12, we have accepted the individual’s resignation. This individual’s opinions were his alone, and do not reflect the values of DDI.

“At DDI, we are strong advocates for equality and diversity, and deeply believe in the value of peaceful resolution of conflict. As part of our mission to create better leaders around the world, we also believe we have a responsibility to serve our communities and make them better places to live and work. We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards of personal conduct, and refuse to tolerate violence and hate speech of any kind. While we deeply regret this incident, we are moving forward as an organization with strengthened vigor to develop leaders that heal and support stronger workplaces and communities.”

The company had already informed about the sacking of Kaul in its subsequent tweet saying that Kaul’s bigotry and criminal act ‘goes beyond a simple matter of employment.” It had said, “DDI immediately launched a full investigation upon discovering this issue. We do not condone violence of any kind, & this issue goes beyond a simple matter of employment. We can verify that this person no longer works for DDI, & we are continuing to address the situation fully.”

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Police too have reportedly booked Kaul for his hateful tweets. He’s been reportedly booked at Police Station Kothi Bagh under FIR No: 39/2018 under section 505(1) C RPC, 66 IT Act.

Kaul has since then deleted his Twitter account. Members of the Hindutva brigade including some top BJP leaders had come under global condemnation after they supported the rapists and murderers of an 8-year-old child in Kathua earlier this year.



    • One wrong doesn’t make the other one right. Rape is rape. Massacre is a crime and blot on humanity. The ethnicity of the victim doesn’t matter.

    • Aa gaya Apni aukaat pe wohi whereaboutism ka escape route leke. By the way about the Kashmiri Pandits, tera khud ka koi victim hua tha kya. Indeed, I wonder ‘where’ was the condom packet your father forgot somewhere or else there would have been a moron lesser in the world

    • Everyone was in their own home, just like you were when these massacres were happening. What was your contribution to stop any of these violences? Your comment looks like its ok to rape and massacre muslims because sometime back muslims did the same to hindus. Why dont you go and plunder the British now because they looted us sometime back? Two wrongs can never turn into a right, remember that.

  1. There’s is no words for this kind of people but now the world is knowing these people mentality and deeds towards others communities. In Jammu from 1946 till 1948 this pundits and rss gangs killed 247 thousand Muslim gujjars.
    It’s written in the history books of London library

  2. I want all hate Spreader sitting in America particularly like an community selling Hindu fanatism should be fired and cancelled their Green Cards if already given and sent back to india

    See the words are inhuman

    They are the evil community of the Earth

  3. We are first humans then comes religion no matter what his or her parents did in this case the politicians are to be blamed not religion

  4. Nonsense. Firstly, the employee was NOT fired. He resigned on his own accord. It is legally not possible to fire an employee based on his social media tweets. Section 66 has been striked out long back. How can police book him under the act? It looks like some fake news. Employers threatening employees for their social media tweets is direct violation of their right to speech and expression. Those complaining against him (and the Kotak Mahindra Bank employee) got lucky only because he was a junior level employee. Had he been the CEO or had he been self employed or retired, then these complainers would have felt completely powerless to harm him in any way. Like for example, these complainers could not do a shit about Anant Hegde’s hateful speeches tweets. So, it is all about troubling the weak man and feeling helpless in front of the stronger one. We need to recognize the need to counsel people who post hate against a community. Ashish Kaul might have faced personal crisis being driven out of Kashmir in early 90s. The need of the hour is to help him reduce the resentment against the Kashmiri muslims. Making him lose his job will further his resolve to seek revenge stronger. An educated man might end up becoming a terrorist. Punishment has never reformed anybody and has always had a negative effect.

  5. Those who rape little children they should be not be put in prison
    But cut their penis just experiment what happens

  6. Such haters harms themselves much more then others
    there such mental state is always a torture within themselves they live in a painful situation always
    This is what psychology science tells

  7. Such haters harms themselves much more then others
    there such mental state is always a torture within themselves they live in a painful situation always
    This is what psychology science tells

  8. What a sick mentality!! Now, he’ll have all the time in the world to ponder over his thoughts and repent in prison. Lost his job, lost his freedom and lost any respect, if at all, he had. Appreciate the quick action on the company’s part. No place for such retards in the society.

  9. People are unaware that God is watching. Have you ever seen His wrath? Men, fear God as He is the one to be feared for eternity. Stop being senseless and know we all are mortals.

  10. Those filthy minds shouldn’t be kept free at all…they are virus and will infect others. Its better to keep them out from our society. Thanks for detailed information.

  11. Anyone educated or not so and also not biased can open the pages of history of Kashmir and see what has happened during the Muslim rule in Kashmir. Whatever has happened or whatever happened in Kashmir in 1990, I mean killings, rapes of Kashmiri Pandit girls, conversions, loot and finally their exodus has probably left the mind of so many Kashmiri Pandits scarred beyond repair. Probably the same may be the cause of his hate.But,hate is hate and hate against any individual , religion, community or for that matter any nation is not tolerable. Instead hate every militant, hate militancy, hate every killing and any and every rape will definitely make us human beings. IT IS BETTER IF ALL HUMAN BEINGS WHICH INCLUDES POLITICIANS, LEADERS, INDIA, PAKISTAN, USA, CHINA, UK , HINDUS, SIKHS, CHRISTIANS OR THE PEOPLE OF ANY RELIGION TAKE A VOW TO TEACH PEOPLE TO LOVE INSTEAD OF HATE, SO THAT THE WORLD BECOMES LIVABLE CAN MAKE THE GLOBE WORTH LIVING FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE.

  12. Muslims kicked out kashmiri pundits from kashmir. And now they are taking the job as well. I am with you Kaul. Kashmir does not belongs to Muslims or Arabs. Kashmir belongs to Hindus. Singh belongs to Hindus. And even Afghanistan belongs to Sikhs and Hindus. They were made Muslims by sandy devil Arabs.

  13. This mentally demented person is a potential future serial rapist & murderer. Should be immediately sent to a mental asylum and kept locked up for life.

  14. Removing anyone just on a basis of Twitter post is not right. You are destroying someone’s life just on the basis of a stupid post. People say stupid shit all the time…. But anyway maybe he didn’t write it at all.. May be he was drunk.. May be his friend played a prank on him….. And it is easy for you to destroy someone’s life…

  15. Peoplz of dis kind ‘ve no relation wid humanity. They ma not b blonging 2 homo sapienz. strict action shod b taken against him .

  16. Most of Indians do not know that their salary they are getting is Muslim money ( petro dollar) even though USA gives jobs it’s all possible because of Muslims petrol. If middle East countries do not sell petrol in dollars then no jobs, even US itself has to beg for food.

  17. It is common fact that Kashmiri pundits are biggest hate filled ,devious, cunning, untruthful and insidious jealous community, when they were in Kashmir, they exploited Muslim workers and weavers, as they controlled all top business in carpets, in leather, in


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