Gurgaon’s armed goons mercilessly thrash Muslim family inside their house during Holi, horrifying video evokes angry reactions


A video of Gurgaon’s Muslim family being mercilessly thrashed by an armed mob has gone viral on social media, evoking angry reactions from netizens. In the video, a group of armed men is seen thrashing members of a Muslim family inside their house even as one man lies motionless on the ground while another is seen bleeding profusely.


The incident took place in Gurgaon’s Dhamaspur village on the day of Hindu festival of Holi. According to victims, around 20-25 armed goons stormed into their house on the day of Holi before thrashing them mercilessly and running away with their precious belongings.

According to reports, some members of the family were playing cricket in a vacant land near their house when a group of people asked them to stop the game and go to Pakistan and ‘play’ there. They refused to leave the spot, angering the goons, who returned with more men, who were armed with iron rods, hockey sticks and water pipes.

The incident, according to the FIR, took place around 5 pm, at the home of Mohammad Sajid, who hails from Uttar Pradesh and has been living here for the last three years with his wife Sameena and six children, reported Indian Express.

“Two unknown men came on a bike and said, ‘What are you doing here? Go to Pakistan and play’. They began fighting and when my uncle Sajid intervened, the boy sitting at the back of the bike slapped him and said, ‘You wait, we will show you’,” Sajid’s nephew Dilshad was quoted as saying.

On seeing the armed men arrive, the family ran inside their house scurrying for cover. But they managed to storm into their house and began thrashing the members of the family mercilessly. In the viral video, the armed goons can be seen launching brutal attacks on the members of the family, who are unable to retaliate even as women can be heard crying for help desperately. While one man is seen lying motionless in the corner, another member is seen bleeding profusely.

The victim’s family, according to News18, alleged that it took nearly 40 minutes for police to arrive at the scene. By the time cops arrived, the family alleged, their attackers had fled taking their valuables including Rs 25,000 cash and gold jewellery.

“We have registered a case of attempt to murder and other relevant sections against the attackers at Bhondsi Police station. We have arrested six goons and efforts are on to identify others with the help of the video,” ACP Shamsher Singh was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the video has evoked angry reactions on social media with users expressing outrage and disgust on the horrific incident so close to the national capital of India.

Haryana is ruled by the BJP with Manohar Lal Khattar as the state’s chief minister.


  1. Across India, Holi is celebrated as a festival of a triumph of good over evil in the honor. But in Modi’s India, it goes beyond the NewZeland terror attack.
    The Prime Minister Modi government has never learned anything from the NewZeland were the whole nation is stood against the perpetrator of the terror attack.
    Please send these videos to the United Nations Human Right Commission. It is time for the world to act and list the BJP as a terror organization.
    Jai Hind


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