Goans take to streets to protest against BJP government, placards say #NotMyCM


The Congress and the BJP today clashed over government formation in Goa and Manipur with the opposition party accusing its rival of “stealing” the mandate of people using money power, drawing a sharp reaction that it complains “a bit too much”.

goans say notmycm

Crying foul, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi joined the chorus of party leaders denouncing the BJP, accusing the saffron party of “undermining democracy” in Goa and Manipur by use of money power. The Congress emerged as the single largest party ahead of BJP in the two states in the Assembly polls.

Gandhi also alleged that the Goa Governor acted in a “partisan” manner.

Dismissing the accusation of Congress that BJP was “stealing” the mandate in Goa, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said it’s “a bit too much” as the Governor could not have invited minority of 17 MLAs to form the government.

Besides BJP’s 13 MLAs, three each from MGP and GFP and two independent members have pledged support for government formation under Parrikar taking the total number to 21 in a Hose of 40. Congress is the single largest party with 17 MLAs.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people who voted against the BJP government took to streets on Tuesday to protest against Goa Forward Party’s leaders for betraying the mandate of ordinary voter.

Goa Forward Party’s former president, Prabhakar Timble, who had resigned in protest against his MLAs’ decision to support the BJP, tweeted, ” Who says Goans voted for development? Vote was to keep BJP off power and Goa off Parrikar.”

The hashtag #NotMyCM became a top Twitter trend in no time.


  1. The same kind of protest must happen in Punjab. People voted for AAP and bugged EVMs transferred their votes to congress at the behest of BJP.

  2. AAP was supposed to give Rs.5,000/-for unemployed youth till he/she gets job.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.3,000/-for Housewives.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.3,000/-for Senior Citizens.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.2,00,000/-for each daughter of Goa.
    AAP was supposed to give Free Water & Half Electricity Bills to Goans.
    And above all AAP was supposed to give Corruption Free Governance.
    But as Goans are very Smart, they rejected this offer of AAP and voted Congress & BJP.
    Now Goans are very happy that Congress & BJP are ruling them.
    Viva Goa – Viva Congress & BJP. Goans does not need honest AAP.

  3. Goans are very Smart that they rejected AAP and voted Congress & BJP.
    Congress-17 Seats & BJP-13 Seats = Total 30 Seats.
    Goans does not need honest AAP.

  4. AAP Topi was far better than GFP Topi & Congress Topi.
    Both have given chance to BJP to form the government.
    All are one and the same except AAP.


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